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Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

The word Arunachal Pradesh means, Land of The Rising Sun. It is situated in the north-eastern part of India. All the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, are best to make your holidays remarkable. If you want to see the heaven on earth or the extraordinary beauty on this earth, then this is the only place for it. There are many spots, which the beautiful picturesque destination. It touches on the Tibetan style of life. It is among the seven largest states of India. This state touches the border of China, Bhutan, and Myanmar. There is a large dense forest, which are having many unique flora and fauna. Different types of handicrafts can be seen there. If you are on the ‘Arunachal Pradesh tourism’, then please try to spend time with local people they will tell you about their culture, music, dance, and cuisines, which will surely make you happy. Places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are:


Itanagar - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The environment of this city is naturally rich and calm, with beautiful scenic beauty. The people of this place are very hospitable. It is one of the nice places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. The Tibetan style of handicraft is very famous there. Some of the adventurous activities can also be tried there like trekking and rafting. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. If you want to know about the rich culture and history of this place then, visit the State museum for that. Places to visit in Itanagar are:

  • Ganga Lake
  • Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ita Fort
  • Polo Park
  • Gompa
  • Rupa
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum
  • Craft Centre And Emporium
  • Polo Park
  • Indira Gandhi Park


Adorned by the forests of thorn bushes and Pine, Menchukha is also interpreted as the “Medicinal Water of Snow”. Besides, this town boasts at an altitude of around 6,000 feet and is renowned for its beauty. The town is best for photographers too.

Golden Pagoda, Namsai

Golden Pagoda, Namsai

Golden Pagoda is an excellent religious place that you must visit. It provides you with an opportunity to experience a never-ending sense of divinity along with magnificent architecture, where you also get to closely observe the Buddhist culture.



Ziro is a unique town, in the whole state. It is the best to place for nature lovers. It is one of the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh. It is very famous for its Apatani Plateau. One of the important places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. It comes in the favorite list of UNESCO world heritage sites. If you want to make your mind, body, and soul fresh, then it is the best place for that. There are lush green forests, blue skies on your head, fields full of rice grown in them, and deep valleys that make your trip more beautiful. You can also go on walking with your beloved once and can also try biking with friends. Places to visit in Ziro are:

  • Meghna Cave Temple
  • Tarin Fish Farm
  • Midey
  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kile Pakho
  • Ziro Puto
  • Hapoli
  • Shiv Linga
  • Pine Grove
  • Bamboo Grove
  • Tipi Orchid Research Centre
  • Dolo Mando
  • Dilopolyang Maniipolyang


Along is also known as Aalo. It is a small town, but all the spots are just stunning. Mopin is a very famous festival that is celebrated there, at the start of April. If you are an adventure lover then, it is the best place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the perfect place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, especially who want peace and a calm environment. Some of the adventurous activities can also be tried there like trekking, rafting, and hiking. It is also very famous for angling. Mechuka Valley is one of the prettiest valley in India, because of its beautiful plantation. Places to visit in Along are:

  • Hanging Bridge
  • Mithun and Jersey Cross Breeding Farm
  • Ramakrishna Ashram
  • Darka Village
  • Doni Polo Temple
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Kane Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Akashi Ganga Temple


Tawang - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is very famous for being the birthplace of Dalai Rama. It is that place of Arunachal Pradesh, which is rich in its history, as well as in its natural beauty. Tawang is situated at a height of around 3048m. Arunachal Pradesh tourism” is incomplete without Tawang. This is a very chilly place. There are many beautiful lakes and valleys to see. It is the oldest town in this state, around 400 years old. The largest Indian Monasteries is located here. There you will get a pollution-free environment. Places to visit in Tawang are:

  • Sela Pass
  • Tawang Monastery
  • Gorichen Peak
  • Nuranang Waterfalls
  • Bumla Pass
  • Taktsang Gompa
  • Jaswant Garh
  • Shungatser Lake
  • Bap Teng Kang waterfalls
  • Tawang War Memorial

Pankang Teng Tso Lake

Pankang Teng Tso Lake

This is one of the most famous lakes in the city of Tawang with majestic views and wonderful surroundings. It is situated at a distance of 17 kilometers from Tawang. The lake has different views in different seasons. In summer it is covered by blue lapis flowers and in winter a layer of snow could be seen over the lake. The best to visit is the summer season as this is the time when you can enjoy nature the most and the temperature is also not so high. The moving clouds and the colorful birds add up to the charm of the lake.



Anini is the most exciting place in Arunachal Pradesh, where you will get to see that clouds are touching the land. Without Anini, your Arunachal Pradesh tourism will not be completed. The height of this place is very much above sea level. It is a mixture of natural and artificial things. It is in the Dibang Valley, where you will get an excellent view of clouds. Other than natural beauty, many architectural sites can also be seen there and also will tell you about the history of that place. It is a beautiful tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh.

Nuranang Waterfall

Nuranang Waterfall - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

This waterfall is also known as Jang falls is situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from the town of Tawang. This is the most powerful and stunning waterfall in the state with an elevation of 6000 feet. The main originating place of the falls is Sella Pass and after forming the Nuranang waterfalls it meets with the river Tawang. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the falls while on the way to Tawang. You can also have a look at the nearby Hydel power station. Bus services are available at regular intervals from Tawang to reach the waterfall.



Bomdila is situated at a height of around 8000 ft. from above sea level. It will give you a beautiful view of snow-capped mountains and cotton-like clouds. Best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, especially for adventurous activity and shopping. It is very famous for its apple orchaids. This place is also known as mini heaven on earth. It will give you the most adventurous and thrilling experience in your life. You can also explore your shopping here, as the craftwork of this place is very famous.

  • Apple Orchids
  • Bomdila Monastery
  • Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lower Gompa
  • Middle Gompa
  • Bomdila View Point
  • Upper Gompa
  • R Hill
  • Dirang Valley
  • Craft Center and Ethnographic Museum


Bhalukpong - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Bhalukpong is situated in the Western side of the Himalayas, in the Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. This is almost an unknown place of Bhalukpong, but it can provide you the paradise on earth. If you want to lose yourself in the beauty of nature, then it is the perfect place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, for that. River rafting is a famous activity that is mainly performed by visitors. Other than that, there are other adventurous activities, which can be enjoyed like hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, paragliding, etc. The valleys and lakes of this place are very attractive. Places to visit in Bhalukpong are:

  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhalukpong Fort
  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary


Roing - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Roing is situated in the lower Dibang Valley. The snow-covered mountains, majestic waterfalls, calm rivers, different architectural sites, and loving people, are all these things that make it the perfect place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a picturesque spot with an attractive tourist place. Nature lovers can explore themselves here. There are many lakes and mountains, which will make your mind calm. Places to visit in Roing are:

  • Hunli
  • Mayudia
  • Iphi Pani Ghat
  • Rukmini Nati
  • Nehru Van Udayan
  • Nijomaghat
  • Bhashmaknagar Fort
  • Salley Lake
  • Itapakhur and Padum Pukhri
  • Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kampona Pond


Pasighat is located at a height of around 155 meters, above sea level. This place was founded in 1911 A.D. by the Britishers. It is also known as the Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh. One of the very famous rivers also flows here, that is the Brahmaputra and the scenic beauty of that place is awesome. The natural beauty of this place is like heaven on earth. The lush greenery of this place will make you shocked, it is so a beautiful tourist place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. People, who loving adventure can get their full enjoyment there like they can do river rafting, boating, swimming, and many other activities. Places to visit in Pasighat are:

  • Kekar Monying
  • Komsing
  • Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pangin


Dirang - Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Dirang is situated in the West Kameng region, of Arunachal Pradesh. It is mainly a resting place of tourists, who are visiting from Tawang to Assam. One of the beautiful tourist places of Arunachal Pradesh’. This place is on a height of around 4900ft. The temperature of Dirang is quite cool. There are beautiful paddy lands which are very famous here. Places to visit in Dirang are:

  • Dirang Dzong
  • Kalachakra Gompa
  • National Research Centre on Yak
  • Hot water Spring
  • Sangti Valley

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

Visiting hills stations

There is nothing better than exploring the delightful Himalayan views that are also Arunachal’s popular hill stations, including Itanagar, Bomdila, and Tawang.

Heritage tourism

Sites in Arunachal Pradesh like Bhismaknagar, Namdapha National Park, Thembang Fortified Village, and Apatani Cultural Landscape are the ideal places to explore in Arunachal Pradesh.

Wildlife tourism waterfalls of Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh is an ideal destination if you are a wildlife fanatic. Having above 500 species of fauna and numerous rich flora, Arunachal is an eventual place for perfect wildlife tourism. In Arunachal Pradesh, there are a total of eight wildlife reserves.

Adventure tourism

You can do activities like trekking, angling, motorbiking, and white water rafting in Arunachal Pradesh. Whereas, you can do fishing in Dibang and Yamane Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh.

How to reach?

To enter and travel to Arunachal Pradesh, foreigners need a Protected Area Permit (PAP), whereas, an ILP (Inner Line Permit) is required for Indian citizens. However, you can visit Arunachal Pradesh-

  • By air- you can choose the nearest Tezpur airport in Assam or you can select Guwahati or Kolkata airports.
  • By train- you can choose Harmuti train station in Assam, nearest to the state capital, Itanagar.
  • By road- places like Guwahati, Ziro, and Shillong have road connectivity that also makes the road trip quite comfortable.

Best time to visit

The perfect months to explore Arunachal Pradesh are from April to October, which is also the spring and winter seasons for the state. Arunachal is sited at a lofty altitude and has pleasant weather all over the year. However, the temperature might be too high to travel around during the peak daytime hours in summer (April to June).

Where to stay

There are cities in Arunachal Pradesh that offers budget hotels for you to stay in. There are huge numbers of accommodation options starting from circuit houses to homestays. Towns like Tawang, Itanagar, Bomdila, and Aalo have suitable budget hotels to fit you. You can find more options for forest lodges and guest houses in secluded locations.

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