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Top 10 Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Places To Visit In  Dalhousie Famous for its beautiful natural surroundings and subdued views, Dalhousie is one of the best places to visit Himachal, Dalhousie was founded in 1854 by the Governor Lord Dalhousie during British rule. The British had to come here to avoid the scorching sun in the summer season, during the British it was also made the capital of the summer season.

Dalhousie is a very attractive place surrounded by cedar trees and the beautiful ranges of the Himalayas, snow-laden trees, mountains, and land also covered with snow which gives awe to the tourists, at 1,970 meters altitude, Dalhousie has a calm atmosphere and beautiful landscape. Those who seem quite adorable will learn about Places To Visit In Dalhousie here which shows the beauty and sanctity of Dalhousie.



Khajjiar has been attracting everyone from ancient times and it is also called Switzerland or the Mini Switzerland of India due to its beautiful views. Khajiyar, surrounded by cedar trees, offers attractive views of greenery.

A good place for tourists to spend their holidays. Khajiyar has been an important attraction for all the old-time kings, whether it is Mughal or Rajput. Khajjiar is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie. Khajjiar Lake situated in the Khajiyar plateaus is also a favorite attraction of tourists. Adventure activities like paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, and trekking are quite enjoyable here.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary - Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to visit in Dalhousie. Surrounded by green deodar trees, this Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is home to huge animals, here you get to see many attractions, among which the Himalayan bear is prominent, this sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​30km.

Apart from cedar, species of blue pine and oak are also found here, the beautiful view here and the serene environment, and the sounds of animal birds provide great peace to the mind. One can enjoy nature walks by trekking and trekking at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary situated on the banks of river Ravi.

St. Francis Catholic Church

During British rule, a lot of time was spent by the British in Dalhousie and it was here that St. Francis Catholic Church was built here in 1864. One must spend some moments here to spend a quiet moment in contrast to the natural scenes and to know the past of the city.

St. Francis Catholic Church is an excellent place to visit in Dalhousie, here you can see some Belgian style which includes the architecture of glass stone. It is the major spiritual center in Dalhousie.

Dainkund peak

Dainkund peak - Places To Visit In Dalhousie

The Dainkund peak, known as the Sing Peak, is a good place to see the undercover Najarro of Dalhousie with its eyes, tourists will have to take permission from the Air Force to climb here because the Dainkund is under them.

It seems the story of the meeting of the three rivers is Chenab, Ravi, and Beas, apart from this one can enjoy the panoramic views of the green hills, and the undulating valleys, trekking, and camping can also be found here which is quite exciting. It is possible.


Panchpula is a great place for tourists who like the view of the flowing waterfalls. Panchpula has many small waterfalls which provide an enchanting view to the falling tourists. These waterfalls also cater to the water supply of the city.

It is an excellent place to spend a leisurely time amidst green trees and wildlife. Panchpula is a great places to visit Dalhousie. One of the finest places. A magnificent memorial of revolutionary Sardar Ajit Singh has also been built here, where he should definitely give Shraandjali.

Ganji hill

Ganji hill is famous as a major picnic spot 5km away from Dalhousie, this hill offers a very beautiful and attractive view. It is also a good place for trekking if you are looking for a place where the whole Dalhousie is seated.

If you can see then this is the best place for you because it is called Ganji hill because there are no trees and vegetation present on its upper surface, but it is the best place to see the amazing views of sunrise and sunset, calm atmosphere at the top of the hill. I will feel refreshed by spending some time in cold air. Thus it is a great places to visit in Dalhousie.

Chamera lake

Chamera lake - Places To Visit In Dalhousie

The man-made Chamera Lake is situated on the banks of the Ravi river and is supported in power generation by the dam built here this project is known as Chamera Hydropower Project. This lake provides electricity to all the cities and villages around it. It is a great place to go for a picnic with the family. It is surrounded by cedar trees. It is situated in the middle of the forest.

Subhash Baoli

Subhash Baoli

We can also call Subhash Baoli a medicinal baoli, because the environment here has medicinal properties, due to this the freedom fighter Netaji also spent a lot of time correcting his ill health, due to this he is also called Subhash Baoli.

It is also a good place for a picnic, your disease will run away from the wonderful views of the evening here. Apart from this, a nearby waterfall whose sweet voice gives peace to the mind, thus you will also feel refreshed by spending some time amidst nature away from the congestion of the city. A good places to visit Dalhousie and nearby places.

Sach pass

It is also called a paradise for trekking lovers. It is an adventure destination situated at an altitude of 14,500 feet. It is a good places to visit in Dalhousie, away from Himachal. This pass is by the entrance of Pangi valley which reduces the distance from Pathankot to Leh.

However, it is quite adventurous and can keep the driver to avoid the risk, this pass is also used by the Indian Army. Natural beauty is also visible from the valley which makes a good background for photography, so trekking lovers should not forget to visit this place.

Chamunda Devi Temple

Chamunda Devi Temple - Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Chamunda Devi Temple of natural beauty awakens the spiritual and religious sentiments of tourists. This temple is situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This temple is dedicated to Kali Mata, inside the devotees can take a dip of faith in the pond.

Chamunda Mata fulfills every prayer done by the mind and here the devotees keep their tide throughout the year Stays on

Apart from this, there are many places to visit in Dalhousie, including Rock Garden, Rang Mahal, Tibetan Market, Bakrota Hills, BG Ka Park, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, etc.

The Conclusion For Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Dalhousie is the main center of places of excursion in Himachal Pradesh. More than 15% of the economy depends on Dalhousie and tourists get to see all kinds of attractions that fulfill all their wishes of the tourists.

 How did you reach Dalhousie?

Rail and bus services are available for Dalhousie. The nearest place for the air and rail route is Pathankot. Dalhousie is 80 km away from Pathankot. From here you can book buses or cabs.

How far is Dalhousie from Dharamshala?

Dalhousie is 118km from Dharamshala

How far is it to Dalhousie from Delhi and how long can it take to go?

Dalhousie is 560km from Delhi and it can take 11 hours to reach here.

How far is Manali from Dalhousie?

For this, a distance of 326km has to be traveled.

What is the best time to visit Dalhousie?

To visit Dalhousie, go from October to February, this time is the best, and one can enjoy the snowfall this time.


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