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Places to visit in Dibrugarh

Places to visit in Dibrugarh

Places to visit in Dibrugarh

Places to visit in Dibrugarh

places to visit in Dibrugarh

Places to visit in Dibrugarh

Best places to visit in Dibrugarh, Assam

Dibrugarh is basically famous for tea estates and is a city in eastern India in the state of Assam. The city is situated along the shore of river Brahmaputra. Almost half of the tea production of Assam is done in Dibrugarh. In the past history it has been mentioned that there was an earthquake and due to that most of the parts of the city got destroyed. Other than well known tea producer in the state, it is also famous for natural gas and oil reserves. The maximum economy is said to come from the activities related to natural gas formation. The most famous Assam silk has got its way to popularity in this city of Dibrugarh. All it was about the place, and now the following information would give you an idea of some places to visit in Dibrugarh. There are temples, monuments, churches, religious places and a national park in the city.

Radha Krishna temple – Places to visit in Dibrugarh

Radha Krishna temple

This place is best for those who want to involve themselves in spiritual peace. This beautiful place with a white shrine is dedicated to gods of love, Radha and Krishna. Situated in Jalan Nagar, it is the most serene place where you can relax and calm your mind. The temple is beautified with wonderful architectural design. Other than this temple there are other temples in the vicinity such as Koli Aai Than, Dehing satra and Garpara Satra.

Sri Jagannath temple

Dibrugarh jagannath temple

This is a duplicate of the Jaganath temple of Puri. It is situated at Khanikar, near the Mahatma Gandhi Park. The other name of this temple is Shikshetra Dham. It is must visit if religious place is your choice.

Bahikhowa Maidan

This place is situated in the area of Khowang tea estate. It is actually dedicated to one of the chief army staff, Bahikhowa Dasarath Dowerah. Presently the ruins could only be spotted here and you could also visit other nearby Maidans.

Namdapha national park

Namdapha National Park

This is the only national park in Dibrugarh which is at 160 km around the city and spreads over an area of 1985 square kilometre. This is one of the biggest sanctuary in India that encloses a tiger reserve as well as a bird sanctuary. Animals like clouded and snow leopards are found here. Unique birds such as White winged ducks, Hoolock Gibbons could be spotted here.

Joypur rain forest

Joypur rain forest

This place is wet with rains all around the year and is the best place to visit due to its amazing biodiversity. A wide range of orchids are available here as well as Holong tress that grows to 0 m height. Many animal species also could be found such as langurs, pythons, flying squirrels hornbills and elephants. A popular rain forest festival is celebrated in the second week of the month of February.

Naharkatia – Places to visit in Dibrugarh


This place is known as popular picnic spot in the district. Places such as Namphake, Merbill eco tourism and Gobhuro Dolong can be visited here. Another tourist spot known as Vainavi Satra, is a religious site. This place could be visited at the time of Hindu festival, Durga Puja when you can watch colourful light possession.

Other important information

The tea gardens are the main points of attraction when it comes to tourist visit. The city offers a pleasant weather all through the year. You can also enjoy a cruise ride in the river of Brahmaputra. The nearby railway station is Dibrugarh railway station. Roadways also offer good connection with the city and you can explore places to visit in Dibrugarh through the three bus terminals. This place makes a great gateway to explore other parts of the state, as Dibrugarh airport has good connection with Kolkata, Guwahati and Delhi. Other than roadways and railways, there are waterways option too that offers luxurious cruises to reach Dibrugarh.

Devika hotel, Natraj hotel, Hotel Rajawas and Little hotel palace are comfortable home stays in the city that serves you all your needs in a very reasonable price. All these are located at the prime location of the city. Some of them stand on the bank of river Brahmaputra and offers a river side view.

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