Places to Visit in Jamaica

5 Places to Visit in Jamaica

Places to Visit in Jamaica: Another beautiful beach to visit in the world for the vacation and spending the experience of the beach with their families, friends, kids, etc is Jamaica. Jamaica is considered to be the holy place of the beach. It is ranked in the most fascinating beaches in the world. Experiencing Jamaica for the beach and nature is the best option that the visitors have selected for their vacation. Jamaica is filled up with beautiful natural gems in the place. Beautiful mountains lushed with greenery, the turquoise sea water which glitters the need of the beach lovers, the reef of the beach, chirping of birds, the shimmery beach increase the value and trend of Jamaica. Jamaica is also known for its historical spaces on the beach, the culture of the beach is still alive in the beach areas. There are different places that can be visited by the tourists visiting the Jamaica beach. They are.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Jamaica:

1. Negril Beach

Negril Beach
Negril Beach

This beach is also known as the seven-mile beach of Jamaica. Negril beach is considered the most beautiful beach with the features of emerald sand and the beach water increases the show of Negril beach. It has a beautiful stretched arena of the beach which fascinates the visitors visiting the Negril beach. You will find this beach covered with coconut palms and its breeze all over the area of the beach. This place is considered best for the founders of the beach arena.

2. Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay

Montego Bay - Places to Visit in Jamaica
Montego Bay

The rose hall great house is considered as the history and the culture of Jamaica. The cruelty and the victory of the queen who ruled on the people showed her courage and death aspects in the house which is still presumed and preserved by the people of Jamaica. All the tourists visiting this house gets the exact essence of her courage and the furniture, all the materials of the house are still preserved so that the visitors can take advantage to know and experience her house.

3. Martha Brae River

Martha Brae River
Martha Brae River

Martha brae river is the most popular and famous tourist attraction in Jamaica. This river is most visited by visitors who are visiting Jamaica beach. In this river, the local people raft their bamboo wood boats in the river and make you feel to the extremes of the scenery around the river. Not only that but there are many things which can be experienced by the visitors visiting the Martha Brae River.

4. Kingston

Kingston - Places to Visit in Jamaica

Into islands and greenery of Jamaica, there resides the busy capital of Jamaica, Kingston. Kingston has many places to visit by tourists in Jamaica. There are many things in Kingston like the reggae superstar home, Bob Marley museum, etc which increase the existence of Jamaica. Tourists can explore their mith in Jamaica.

5. The Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains national park
Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains national park

The Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains national park offer the tourists to visit and experience the threat of beautiful mountains, waterfalls, etc. this scenery increase the spirit of exploring the aspect of nature for the visitors visiting Jamaica. It consists of the tropical arena around the park.

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