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Places to visit in Kolkata

Places to visit in Kolkata

5 Places to visit in Kolkata

Kolkata is often frequented by travelers who want to explore the ancient culture of India. The city is also able to give you a glimpse into the ancient culture which it has preserved for a long period of time. Owing to this, it becomes easier for you to explore the cultural heritage in greater detail. When you’re looking for places to visit in Kolkata you would find quite a few diverse options. You can choose between the temples as well as museums and other historical landmarks in the city. We would today share with you a few places to visit in Kolkata which would help you in exploring the true culture of India as well as Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial:

Victoria Memorial

This tourist attraction has been around since 1921. It was constructed by Sir William Emerson. Memorial is spread over 64 acres of land. If you want to see a confluence of the British architecture as well as Indian architecture, this is one of the memorials which you should definitely visit.

Dakshineswar Temple:

Dakshineswar mandir

This temple is constructed by Rani Rasmani. She was the queen of Janbazar. According to a popular legend, she was instructed to build this temple by none other than Goddess Kali. The temple is spread over 25 acres. There is a separate prayer room as well. If you want to explore the mythological side of Kolkata, this is one of the main tourist attractions which you should definitely visit

Eden Gardens, Kolkatta:.

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is the oldest stadium in Kolkata. It has witnessed quite a few spectacular matches. Also, in terms of the on ground infrastructure as well as the stadium facilities, it is considered as one of the finest stadiums in the world.

Science City, Kolkatta:

Science City

The science city in Kolkata is a confluence of scientific center as well as in amusement park. That is why it becomes easier for you to explore the intricacies of science along with the entertainment of an amusement park. Thus, it is a hugely popular tourist attraction among children.

Indian Museum:

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum was built in 1814. In terms of the size, it is the largest stadium in India. It has over 60 different galleries which showcases historic artifacts as well as prehistoric objects. Due to its sheer size, it is a good idea to keep a day aside for exploring the museum.

So, if you’re looking for interesting places to visit in Kolkata, these 5 should definitely be on your list.


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