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Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Places to visit in Powai

Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Places to visit in Powai, the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

Powai is a place in the north east part of the city Mumbai. It is situated at the bank of Powai Lake. The modern village is surrounded by hills on three sides and on the fourth side beyond the lake is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi lots of devotees are seen hosting the idol immersing processions. The one and only airport of Mumbai is just 5 kilometres away from Powai. The nearby metro station is Sakinaka and the nearby railway station is Kanjur Marg and Vikhroli. This is all about reaching there. The places of interests in Powai are the famous Powai Lake, Kidzania Mumbai, Red carpet wax museum, Snow kingdom, Hiranandini Gardens etc. Descriptions of few places have been mentioned here.

The Nirvana Park

As the name suggests Nirvana means attaining the highest level of peace, so here you come with all the thirst of visiting nature to its best. The Nirvana Park is the most wonderful place in Powai where you can catch up with nature. The mountains are not always the answer for your rejuvenation. These 4 acres of land in the park is sufficient for a peaceful hangout. The lush greeneries around is very eye soothing and taking a fresh breath away from the city life. There are cobbled paths in between where you can have a walk with beautiful views around. The pond in the heart of the park is full of fish to watch over and spend a nice time with Mother Nature. Overall the tall trees are there to provide you a cool shade. Lovely installations are there with small bridges connection the both side of the pond. This place is awesome and you would feel refreshed after passing your moments there.

Hitchki in Powai

It is actually a restaurant that has been added to the social scene of Powai. Within the chain of restaurants this is one of the interesting one to stop by and have a small but unique experience. You can see the live music show outside the cafe that would raise your curiosity to enter the pub. The inside of the restaurant is spacious and there are a total of 30 seats with aesthetic design all around. Altogether it is a nice place to enjoy your evening. Delicious meals such as varieties of naan( a form of bread), Dim some, savji mutton, sahi tukda along with rejoicing cocktails are the main attraction of the cafe.

Powai Lake

The main attraction of the city is the Powai Lake, where you can see both the nature and the urbane staying side by side. From here only you can watch the magical view of sun set. There is a walking track around the lake where one can spend nice time with their loved ones. The garden is rich in varieties of flora and fauna which is the main reason for attracting lots of visitors. Other than these a wide range of plant and animal species could be found here. You watch crocodiles in the lake sitting at the shore. Sunbirds, doves and kingfisher are the common species of birds that could be seen there. The famous Hiranandani complex stands at the back of the lake which is good contrast with the natural view of the lake. The IIT Mumbai is situated to the east of the lake.

Hiranandini Gardens in Powai

It is quite and calm place located near the Powai Lake. It is the most modern and beautiful residential township that is well matched for a slandered living. With lush green parks, and world class amenities it serves a pristine environment which is worth your lifetime experience. It is the pride of the citizens that is capable of fulfilling the demand of the senses.

Other than the natural sightseeing Powai has also got a few temples such as Vishnu Temple in Hiranandini, Devi Vageshwari Mata temple and Jagadeshwara Shiva Temple. Powai is also famous for hosting community based birthday havan. The city also has memories of Bollywood and Hollywood shooting. Films like Kalyug, Slumdog Millionare, Ghajini have been shooted here. Night life seems to be vibrant in the city.

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