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Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Top Must-Visit Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad

Today, Ahmedabad is one of the Top 5 Fastest-Growing Cities in India. In actuality, Ahmedabad has turned out as a champion amongst the most mechanical and stable urban cities in the country. The sublime Sabarmati River meanders through this city and Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram lays on its banks. So here’s all that you ought to know and do while you head for an outing to this Gujarati delight.

With an adept technology and rapid advancement, Ahmedabad in no time will be called the “Dubai of India.” Therefore, you should take a look at the city’s vast offerings, both old and contemporary. So if you are visiting from Mumbai, then take a Mumbai to Ahmedabad taxi to have a splendid start to your trip while admiring the stunning roadways.

Attractions of the City

  1. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake - Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad
Kankaria Lake

The epic point for a family trip or for contributing some quality time alone, this spot is in the heart of Ahmedabad and has a gigantic measure of fun exercises to do there like strolling through the zoo, boating, and even has a collection of amazing eateries for foodies. While in Ahmedabad, visit the Kankaria Lake at night for a dazzling sight of the city from the lake, decked up with lights.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram - Places Worth Checking Out in Ahmedabad
Sabarmati Ashram

An inevitable part of the history of India, the Sabarmati Ashram was the home of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. Today, there is a trinket shop, a museum, and a peaceful spot of Bapu (father) with the urn of his ashes. A tranquil spot, Sabarmati Ashram needs no words to depict its significance or its grandeur.

  1. Calico Museum of Textiles

Calico Museum of Textiles
Calico Museum of Textiles

This is a fortune of the finest, old, antiquated, and broad assortment of cloth fabrics from all around India. Shopaholics can get their dolt of getting incredible mirror work fabrics, or Gujarat’s very own Khaadi. Not simply materials, the exhibition hall likewise has a wondrous collection of furniture curated from all around the country.

  1. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Auto World Vintage
Auto World Vintage

This spot is a paradise for those who love cars and everything related to automobiles. This vintage car museum has a tremendous collection of vintage cars that were utilized by the British. One can even go for a ride, by paying an obvious charge, under the vigilance of a driver. Since this spot is situated on the edges of Ahmedabad, it is all the more charming to hike up to this spot for an enchanting road trip.

  1. Religious Places

There are some astonishing religious spots in this city. The Jama Masjid, Akshardham Temple, Sidi Sayyid’s Mosque, Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, and so forth, are likely the most eminent ones. So many peaceful abodes to cover in Ahmedabad.

  1. For Shopping and Entertainment

There are gigantic shopping centers in Ahmedabad that shopaholics swear by, yet it is prescribed to take home a signature Gujarati handicraft. Spots like Law Garden Night Market, Alpha One Mall, Ratios, Gamthiwala, Crossword, Asal, and Ravivari are the top picks that one can visit for cherishable memorabilia to take back home.


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