Pondicherry tourism

Pondicherry Tourism very popular and one of the favourite destinations for people.

Pondicherry Tourism
(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Pondicherry tourism – must places to see

It is a  French colonial settlement in India until 1954 , which is now a Union territory which is bounded by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state, seaside promenade runs along the bay of Bengal and passed several statues, which also includes a 4m high memorial. Here is a list of few places in Pondicherry which has made Pondicherry Tourism very popular and one of the favourite destinations for people.

Best Sightseeing Places under Pondicherry Tourism


It is a coastal fishing village under Ariankupp Panchayat on the southeastern coast of India. It has longest history that dates back to to 2nd century B.C. Arikamdu is located at a distance of seven kilometers from Pondicherry . The most beautiful things like glassware, gems and Roman lamps are found during the excavation of Arikamdusite. Apart from the historical importance this place is also famous for mango and coconut trees and served as a retreat for nature lover .

Bharathi Park

It is located near Promenade Beach, which is surrounded by the Roman Rolland library, government hospital and Picturesque government buildings which has big space for a leisurely stroll. Monument of Aayi Mandap which was constructed under French emperor in memory of a lady courtesan , who build a pond to supply water for the public of Pondicherry.


It is a shop in Mission Street which is treasure trove for the products ranging from potpourri to hand made painting skills ,candles, jewellery, scarves and many more It is an international township near Pondicherry , which was founded by mother a promotion luxury living , there you will find natural products and heaps of organic across the town.

Promenade Beach

It is located right at the heart of the city . The beach is cleaner then other beach there in Pondicherry. Small children’s park is also there which is situated at one end of the stretch ,a war memorial , a beautiful French church fitting the beach line and a Mahatama Gandhi statue somewhere in the middle that double up slide ride for the kids .


It is musical museum and research centre in Aurovilla. It is one of the Aurovilla shops in Pondicherry which discoveredan an indigenous looking wind chime created by Svaram. There you can find every verity of music and instruments from tribal instruments to contemporary resonator.

Quiet Healing Center

Here you can find many things like from water based therapy , sound healing to the more well known acupuncture ,hot stone massage , shiatsu and health spa in Autovilla. Treatment are non invasive and natural , so there are no side effects in it .


The place is located about 28 km from Pondicherry, host over 2500 silk Weavers . Not many know of shiruvanthadu village near Villupuram . More then over 300 silk saree stores, village plays second fiddle only to the famed Kanchipuram.

These are the top tourists spots in Pondicherry which makes it the perfect destination for tourists from all across the country. Pondicherry tourism has gained a lot of revenue recently due to the overwhelming visitors from all around India and even from various parts of the world.

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Pondicherry tourism
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