Pools With Las Vegas Views

Pools With Las Vegas Views

Summertime is here again. There is no better way to have a blast this season than to pay a visit to Sin City. While there, you will have a lot to do. You can stare at semi-nude escort girls who have great bodies. You also have an option of ordering the best food on the planet served at the best restaurants, or instead, you can decide to party hard! To do this, you need to find a place where there is a heavy concentration of women, topless women, full blast music, plenty of drinks, and sunshine! Worry less, Vegas is dotted with a number of pools that can provide all that and more, especially during weekends and holidays.

1. The Garden of Gods

Garden of Gods

As the name suggests, the swimming area located at Caesars Palace on the Vegas strip is truly a place to be for gods and goddesses, kings and queens of whom you could be one. Why is this? The swimming area’s six pools are carefully designed with decorations like columns and Sculptures of ancient Roman gods. Famous of all is the ‘Venus’ pool where girls are free to remain topless, and many do! The pool is for adults only, making it the best option to escape from crowded places full of kids. Here you will have a clear vision of all the shapes of mangos, big or small!

2. The Venetian and Palazzo

Venetian and Palazzo

Are you an adult? Of course, you are and you don’t need the children’s interferences at the pool as you try to enjoy your glass of cocktail with your eyes set on the crawling model beauties. That is why you should head down to the Palazzo this summer weekend. This pool oasis located in a relaxed environment will calm your nerves and guarantee you a lot of relaxation and enjoyment. If you are born with a lucky star and you are in the mood you can get locked on to a target for the night or the entire weekend!

3. The Aliante Casino and Hotel

Aliante Casino and Hotel - Pools With Las Vegas Views

Pools located within the Strip can at times be monotonous, fully packed, and noisy. If you like the fresh taste and new fun experience, it is imperative that you head north, far north but within Vegas. The Aliante hotel is home to a pool overlooking a jungle of palm trees, adding to its aesthetic beauty. In the background is the relaxing jazz music that will soothe your ears and soul. The pool is healing and rejuvenating. It is the reason why many people opt to spend most of their summers here before the hibernation period sets in.

4. Wynn Encore

Wynn Encore

The hotel located within the strip has a number of pools surrounded by heavenly gardens and cabanas. But strikingly interesting is the private beach club reserved for those with money to afford such luxury or VIPs of some sort. If you do not fall into any of the categories, it is a painful fact that you won’t be able to get in. For now, all you need to do is to fantasize. With a stripper pole at the center, the pool has levels of cabanas that you can easily mistake for little apartments. The audience has uninterrupted entertainment by the best celebrity DJs in the city even as they order meals prepared by the EBC Grill. You should get to this pool before the lapse of your lifetime!

5. Palms Casino and Resort

Palms Casino and Resort - Pools With Las Vegas Views
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Are you a fan of Ditch Friday Summer Party or costume bashes like Midsummer Lingerie Carnival? You should ditch a camp at the palm casino pool for the summer. It should be quite easy, given the swarm of beauties in lingerie and body paints that characterize the scene at the pool during summer. Unless you are a complete douchebag, it is hard to make a good kill of one or a number of them that can last you the entire season! Trigger the chemistry by splashing some water.

6. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Skylofts at MGM Grand

Located within the Strip, the hotel is well known for its excellent services offered by the carefully chosen model servants. If you need some relaxing massages on the poolside as you enjoy the sunshine, you just have to ask. The river flowing nearby complements the pool’s beauty even as it flows silently. On the other hand, there is a provision for party lovers. Many argue that the hotel hosts one of the busiest pool spots for a summer party. They are all right; you just have to be there to witness the largest gathering of fresh ladies in bikinis with others topless as they have the fun of their lifetime. Here, parties are hosted by some of the best and most famous DJs on the planet and the music system is mind-blowing and deafening. As they say, once you are in, it will be hard to get out.

7. Liquid

You may be tired at your Vegas office and you need some relaxation and refreshment … head down to the Aria. You can even take a walk there as it is located within the city center. The Liquid pool is small enough to accommodate fewer people at a time and would be an appropriate place for your relaxation and rejuvenation. Good music is always playing in the background.

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