Pre-booking your airport parking

Pre-booking your airport parking

There are always things that can cause us stress, or cost us extra money when we’re arranging a holiday, but one thing that need not be a cause of stress, and that need not cost you too much money is parking at the airport while you’re away.

When you drive to the airport and park your car there without pre-booking, you are charged a premium for doing so. If however, you’ve booked your parking place in advance, you will pay a lower fee for the same thing, and you’ll also know exactly where to go and what to expect as you’ll have had time beforehand to look at all the options that are available to you and pick the best one for you. In fact, selecting the right parking option for you, and booking it in advance, can save you as much as one-third of the price of the parking if bought on the day.

There are various options that you can look at when making your decision and pre-booking, and we’ve laid out some of the options open to you here so that you can make an informed decision and avoid any stress:

On-Site Car Parking

Parking your car in a car park on-site at the airport is going to be the easiest in terms of how far away you are from the terminal. It’s an option that will save you from having to use a transfer bus, or walk a long distance with suitcases and perhaps small children in tow. It is however generally the most expensive of the options open to you.

Off-Site Car Parking

There are usually a number of off-site car parks linked to any airport, and these are normally a cheaper option than parking on site. The price will vary between them, however, as well what they offer in terms of transfer bus. Some are linked to hotels where you can stay overnight before your flight, while others are purely car parking. Take time to look at all the different options that are available, including not just the costs, but the transfers available and any restrictions that might be in place.


Some airport parking facilities at airports – both on and off-site – offer extras that you can opt for or not according to your wishes. For example, you might be able to choose to have your car washed so it’s all sparkling when you return to it, or you could choose to use a meet and greet service so that someone will lead you to where you need to be rather than you having to struggle to find your own way.

Taking time to look at all these various options before you make your booking, and then making the booking in advance rather than on the day will save you money, but also stress and hassle, helping you to enjoy a better holiday experience. This is especially important at Gatwick parking and Luton airport parking as well as other major London airports.

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