Preparations When Moving to Denmark

3 Preparations When Moving to Denmark

Preparations When Moving to Denmark: Are you relocating to Denmark for a job? Or, are you taking up residence? Either way, moving to Denmark requires serious legwork which is not actually rare when doing an international relocation.

Good preparation, at the least, makes you settle in easily. You can’t just pack up and leave and throw caution to the air if you want to have a comfortable settling in when you arrive. Therefore before you leave, take time to gear yourself up with a reliable checklist of what to prepare when moving to Denmark.

1. Get down with the paperwork

Get down with the paperwork

This is perhaps the most tedious of them all, but very crucial to get done. Is your passport (or your family’s) valid? Does it require a visa to get to Denmark? Some countries require a valid passport (at least 6 months) to get a visa. Find out if you need to secure a visa or both visa and passport for you and your family several months before you leave so you have enough time for processing and buffer should you encounter problems.

Are you bringing your pet? I know it can be heartbreaking if you leave your beloved pet. So, if you want to bring them along, you certainly can! And, just like their owner, pets need a passport, too. Denmark requires a PETS passport for legal transport whether in or out of the country. This requires your pet to be checked for possible illness, vaccinated, and, overall, fit to travel.

Moreover, will you be bringing your own vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) or buying a new one instead in Denmark? If you decide to bring one along, prepare for high import duties and taxes. Whether you are importing or buying a car, take time to secure paperwork such as ownership and insurance requirements. If you own a bicycle, Denmark’s the perfect place for you.

2. Learn the language and culture

Learn the language and culture

It’s a bit difficult when you get culture-shocked. The unfamiliarity and adjustment could sometimes make you question your very own resilience. But you can save all the doubts and pains living in a foreign country if you learn its culture and language.

The best way to get familiar with Danish ways is to visit the country. Nothing beats a first-hand experience, for sure. However, you can save time and money by researching and learning online. Buy books related to and about Danish history, people, architecture, cuisine, customs, etc. When you’re familiar with the basics, you’ll find it easier to adapt once you get there.

Did you know that Denmark has one of the happiest people and maintains one of the greenest and most sustainable societies in the world?

3. Prepare for (big) change.

Denmark, just like every country In the world, has its own way of life and you must be prepared enough to blend in. Their customs and norms are likely to be different than what you’re used to so you’ve got to be ready to adapt. Denmark has a different tax system and boasts of its high standard of living. As an immigrant or ex-pat, be ready for its challenges and perks. Be open-minded.

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