Princep Ghat in Kolkata

Princep Ghat in Kolkata

Princep Ghat in Kolkata- a Colonial Tourist Attraction

It is among those places in Kolkata where you can revive your soul and breathe freely in nature’s refreshing air along the bank of River Hooghly. Yes, Princep Ghat is the first and last destination when you think of experiencing the best of Kolkata. It is a place for people of all ages. Most of the family come here to have a picnic during the winter days on the weekends. The place serves as the most romantic outdoor and the couples can breathe freely away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the busy crowds. People also come here to take a snapshot of Howrah Bridge which lies very close to it. The Ghat became more famous after the movie shoots out of the film Parineeta where Vidya Balan and Saif Ali Khan were seen in the scene of the song ‘piu bole’.

History of Princep Ghat in Kolkata

History of Princep Ghat in Kolkata

It was constructed during British rule in the year 1841 in memory of the famous scholar James Princep. It stands between St. Jorge’s gate and the water gate of the major Fort William. The white monuments in the park are crafted with Gothic and Greek inlays. It is being well maintained since 2001 by the PWD of the state. The bank of the river is in use since the British period. it has also got a railway station in its name. There is a jetty too that is used by the Navy.

What to do

What to do princep ghat
  • You may go for boating on your weekends in the evening time to explore the beauty of the river and the Vidyasagar Setu or the Howrah Bridge which is the main attraction of the place.
  • There is a stall that is almost 40 years older and it sells fast food and ice creams. The most-eaten ice cream in the region is the scoop.
  • The impressive architecture of the Palladian structure offers a good background for those who love to shoot photos.
  • It also serves as a great playground for the kids with slides and rides.
  • The circular railway ride is suggested for the lovers, which is believed to bring good luck to the relationship.
  • The view of the bridge and the monument looks majestic at night which would behold you in mesmerizing beauty.
  • Stroll around the gardens full of greeneries and walk along the shore of the river which is just perfect to spend your leisure time.

How to reach Princep Ghat and Entry Timing

How to reach Princep Ghat and Entry Timing

Local trains go through the station of Princep Ghat. You may come through this station or else buses, taxis are easily available from different parts of the city. Princep Ghat is located on Strand Road and the nearest metro station is Esplanade from there you may board the bus or hire a cab to reach there. Alternatively, boats are available from Babughat, and then walk to Princep Ghat which takes nearly 20 minutes. Special boats are there for the visitors, the price of which ranges from 200 to 400 rupees. The entry timing starts from 8 in the morning till 9:30 in the evening.

Nearby places to visit

Kolkata victoria park

There are many attractive tourist spots in the vicinity such as Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Belur Math, Indian Museum, and Birla Planetarium. After visiting these places you may plan to get here to recreate yourself after the whole day’s journey. There are many hotels nearby to stay like the Cornfield Retreat, the Oberoi Grand Hotel, and Den Vennel Guest house. Other budget hotels are also easy to find. Foods are the best part of Kolkata as you could find many delicious dishes in some of the nearby restaurants.

The place is an ideal retreat for nature-loving people. Recently it has been renovated with more flora decoration which attracts lots of people. Entering Princep Ghat is free of any entry fee. Locals find it the best place for strolling around in the evening to get fresh oxygen. This place is a must-visit whenever you step in Kolkata. Enough privacy is given to couples. Like any other monuments, these monuments of Princep ghat are also stuffed with names of lovers making their love immortal.

The Architecture of Prinsep Ghat Kolkata

The Prinsep Ghat is a historic ghat located in Kolkata, India, on the banks of the Hooghly River. It was built in 1841 and named after James Prinsep, an Anglo-Indian scholar and colonial administrator.

The architecture of Prinsep Ghat is a blend of Indo-Saracenic and Gothic styles, reflecting the influence of British colonial architecture in India. The ghat features a spacious landing area, with a wide flight of steps leading down to the river, and a number of pillared pavilions, which provide shelter and seating. The pavilions are adorned with intricate carvings and moldings, and are topped with domed roofs, lending a grand and stately appearance to the ghat.

In addition to the pavilions, Prinsep Ghat also features a number of monuments and memorials, including the Prinsep Memorial, which was erected in memory of James Prinsep and is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture in India. The memorial features a central statue of Prinsep, surrounded by ornate stone carvings and inscriptions, and is set in a large, walled garden.

In recent years, Prinsep Ghat has undergone a major restoration and renovation project, aimed at preserving its historic significance and improving the visitor experience. The restoration has included the cleaning and repainting of the pavilions, the repair of the flight of steps, and the creation of new pathways and seating areas. Today, Prinsep Ghat is a popular destination for visitors to Kolkata, and is widely regarded as one of the city’s most important cultural and architectural landmarks.

FAQ, Prinsep Ghat

Sure, here are some frequently asked questions about Prinsep Ghat in Kolkata:

When was Prinsep Ghat built?

Prinsep Ghat was built in 1841 and named after James Prinsep, an Anglo-Indian scholar and colonial administrator.

What is the architecture style of Prinsep Ghat?

The architecture of Prinsep Ghat is a blend of Indo-Saracenic and Gothic styles, reflecting the influence of British colonial architecture in India.

Is there a fee to visit Prinsep Ghat?

No, there is no fee to visit Prinsep Ghat. It is open to the public 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

What is the best time to visit Prinsep Ghat?

The best time to visit Prinsep Ghat is generally in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not too intense and the views of the river and surrounding city are at their most beautiful.

What activities can be done at Prinsep Ghat?

Visitors can enjoy early morning or evening walks, picnics, boating excursions, and visit the many monuments and memorials located on the ghat.

Are there any restrictions while visiting Prinsep Ghat?

Visitors should be aware of the local rules and regulations, and behave in a respectful manner while visiting the ghat, as it is a historic and culturally significant site.

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