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Qutub Minar Delhi

qutub minar Delhi

Qutub Minar Delhi

Qutub Minar Delhi is one of the most iconic structures in New Delhi. It was constructed in 1220. Over the years, it has been restored plenty of times like in the 12 century as well as the 14th century and the 19th century. The total height of the monument is 73 m. It is located in the southwest region of New Delhi. Indo-Islamic architecture has been used in order to create this monument.

Getting Qutub Minar Delhi:

You can take the metro and alight at the Qutub Minar station. Also, it is well connected by roads as well.


In the complex itself, you would find plenty of other historic buildings as well. These old historic buildings have cultural importance for the entire city. Some of these iconic structures are:

One of the other structures which are pretty famous inside the same premises is the iron pillar. It is 23 feet in height. There is plenty of evidence that it is a rust-resistant iron pillar.

The monument is open to the public all throughout the day ranging from the sunrise to the sunset.

It is one of the most visited monuments in New Delhi. Also, when you’re exploring New Delhi city, you would find that it is included in most of the tours of the city. If you’re in New Delhi, this is one of the monuments which you should definitely visit. You would not only be able to get a glimpse into the history and architecture of that time but also you would realize the rich cultural heritage which India represents and cherishes.

The monument is also famous all over the country as a symbol of the victory of the Mughal Empire during that period of time. It was created as a symbol of victory.

In recent years, however, access to the higher levels of the monument is limited after an accident in 1981.

However, you are free to explore the surroundings as well as the premises without any restrictions. As the monument also houses plenty of other buildings, it is definitely worth a visit and you have to spare at least 2 hours in order to explore the monument fully.

So, if you are in New Delhi, you should definitely visit this monument in order to explore the rich cultural heritage of the country.

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