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Rains in Southeast Asia

Rains in Southeast Asia

Rains in Southeast Asia

Rains in Southeast Asia

Rains in Southeast Asia

Rains in Southeast Asia

Welcome the Rains in Southeast Asia

Rain does have a welcoming presence. Rainy season or better addressed as the monsoon is characterized by strong winds blowing from ocean to land causing heavy rainfall. Traveling in the rainy season can undoubtedly be fun if you know the right location to visit. Southeast Asia is reputed to be one of the most famous examples where monsoon is spectacular than any other part of the world.

The beautiful and yet spectacular Asian monsoon is characterized by the beautiful Asian monsoon. Monsoons are certainly not a nuisance but reliefs from the much grueling heat of the Asian Summer as people patiently wait for the cooling shower and greet them joyously. The monsoon season usually lasts in Asian countries during the months of June to September. In those months, you can indulge in drinking steaming tea to indulging in hot snacks. Here are some of the five best places which offer exclusive opportunities in the monsoons.


Gateway of India in Mumbai
Gateway of India

Monsoon holds a special attraction for all those monsoon lovers who wish to feel the monsoon magic. Smell the glorious wet earth along with the gorgeous vegetation offering different shades of the monsoon.

  • Kerala: The lush greenery of Kerala comes alive under the magical touch of the season of the rains. With the heavy rainfall, you get special discounts on tours, hotels, houseboats as well as cruises. You may also get lucky to view the Onam Festival along with the Snake Boat Race. Just pay a visit to this beautiful place and feel and hear the raindrops in leisure.
  • Goa is one of the lovely places to enjoy the rains as there are various captivating wildlife sanctuaries along with the Dudhsagar Falls which will surely take the breath away of one and all.
  • Rajasthan: The desert state of Rajasthan is not much affected by the rains. So the ideal time to visit these ancient yet colorful cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur as well as Jaisalmer and get reunited with the beautiful forts and monuments.
  • Valley of Flowers: This beautiful Valley of flowers is reputed to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can view the best possible bloom of flowers in July-August.


Things to Do in Indonesia - Rains in Southeast Asia

The monsoon months in Indonesia are between the months of November to March.

Indonesia is one of the best destinations to visit during the monsoon as it has a dry season at this time. Rainfall, if any, is light and intermittent. The weather is warm and lovely with temperatures ranging between 25° to 30°C.

BaliThe beaches of Bali like Kuta, Seminyak, or Legian offer exclusive opportunities to soak in the sun as well as water. Just rest in tranquility with the lush green beauty of the exclusive paddy fields. Get dance, food, music, and the exclusive lifestyle of the people of Bali.

Jakarta: Pay a visit to the capital city which holds an appealing attraction with beautiful iconic national monuments, shopping as well as various recreational activities.


Thailand tourism - Rains in Southeast Asia

For a prolonged period, Thailand experiences the beautiful monsoon season. You can experience an off-limit holiday with a low tourist turnout which surely can be a blessing getting great discounts in the downpour season.

There are numerous places that are much safer to visit during the rainy seasons like Koi Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan. If you want you can also take a trip to the beaches of Phuket mainly Patong beach which is still sunny. If you want, you can also pamper yourself to the exclusive spas and massage centers of Thailand.

Pay a visit to the exclusive shopping malls of Bangkok and indulge in a shopping spree there.

You can choose from any of the above destinations if you want to experience the real feel of the rain. Just get ready with your monsoon slippers and raincoat along with an umbrella to enjoy a rainy vacation to Southeast Asia.


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