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Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration

Rajasthani Holi celebration to look forward to

Rajasthani Holi celebration: Holi (also known as the “festival of colours”) is a basically a Hindu spring festival celebrated all over India. The festival basically signifies the victory of good over evil but basically, it’s a festive day to meet others, play and laugh also a way of repairing broken relationships.

The Holi festival in Rajasthan is altogether different because of the charms of Holi in Rajasthan is inescapable and its vibrancy unavoidable. Because Rajasthan itself is a state having a wide spectrum of colours, the festival of colours is a perfect occasion that matches the identity and character of Rajasthan.

The people of Rajasthan play Holi much the same way as that of Mathura. Here a night before the full moon, light huge of bonfires are burnt with huge crowd gathering of people the bonfires are burnt with the residual dried leaves and twigs of the winter with people throwing coloured water and powder known as gulal and kumkum in regional language at each other and making merry with singing, dancing and the traditional beats of dhol just adding an occasional regional flavour to the occasion.

On the auspicious day of Holi, even the royals of Rajasthan get mixed with the commoners. In fact, the mixing of royal courts all over North India just refined the festival into an art. Rajput warriors of the Rajasthani courts show off their skills during the festival turning the festival into an art. Even the members of the royal families are not spared from being drenched by the coloured and powder are known as gulal and kumkum.

In the honour of Lord Krishna, the Braj Festival people can be seen singing and performing the raslila which depicts the immortal love-story of Lordess Radha and Lord Krishna is held mainly in the month of March. The folk traditions have different unique like ‘mali’ or gardener community of Rajasthan ways of celebrating Holi having a unique style where the men colour the women of the folk with water and women retaliate the by hitting them with sticks or long pieces of cloth.

Gair at Godaji

(it’s a village near Ajmer region of Rajasthan) they celebrate a few days after the main days of Holi where men from 12 villages collect together to play Holi they also have a unique way of playing Holi where each villager brings his own drummer and their troupes the location for the celebration selected is a valley surrounded by hills on all sides so that the sound can get echoed thousands of onlookers gather to collect the memories and close to hundred players participate in the event making a wonderful sight and memory.

Dolchi Holi

(located in the Bikaner district it’s a community of ‘Harsh’ and ‘Vyas’).The Dolchi is celebrating there the way of celebrating Holi by throwing water with force at one another but the water is thrown only at the back of one another this unique way of celebration is more than 300 years now a specially designed vessel called ‘dolchi’ made from the skin of the camels are used for the purpose.

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