Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir, Ramtek- the fort temple

The Ram Mandir or the Ramtek fort temple is situated on the hilltop of Ramgiri which is at a distance of 50 kilometres from Nagpur, Maharashtra. The fort is at an elevation of 345 metres above sea level. Besides the ram temple, there are other temples inside the fort. Religious celebration is the main attraction of the Ram Mandir, Ramtek which is held on Ram Navami every year. Along with Lord Rama, his consort Sita and brother Laxman is also worshipped with great pomp. The devotees of Lord Rama come to pray and fulfil their wishes by doing certain rituals. It is a historical temple and is believed that lord Rama came here to take a rest on his way to conquer Lanka.

Important facts about Ram Mandir

  • The architectural style of Ramtek adds to the splendour of the place. The breathtaking ancient temples, marvellous lake and green hillocks give a soothing effect to the eye of the travellers. The Ram Mandir or the Ram Dham is 600 years old and it is a memorable tourist destination.
  • The place overflows with tranquillity and a surrounding are filled with an essence of devotion. This place is given first priority in the pilgrimages of Maharashtra due to its historical importance. Divine rocky structures have been crafted to make tourists understand the culture of ancient society.
  • There is a big tank known as ‘Ambala talab’ at the foot of the temple where the ashes of the dead is immersed. Ancient history says that Lord Rama performed the funeral of his father at this ‘talab’. Because of this reason there is a huge rush for doing ‘pittripujas’ or worshipping the ancestors.
  • The temple is beautifully decorated with picturesque views and description of the great epic, Ramayana. The pictures also tell the story of Lord Krishna, Sri Baba and Ganjanan Maharaj and the great Lord Hanuman too. Moreover, there is another fact about this Ram Mandir, Ramtek. Kalidasa, the great poet was inspired by the beauty of the Ramtek hills and thus wrote the poem,
  • It is believed that visiting the temples while going to Ram Gadh is of great importance and can wash away the sins done in many births. But you should keep one thing in mind, there are huge numbers of monkeys in the temple who are busy in mischief making and therefore beware of them. Generally in maximum pilgrimages these mammals were seen. They are not so dangerous but disturbing them could make you pay.

How to reach there

Nagpur is a city which is well connected with all the major cities of India by air, rail and road. The nearest airport to Nagpur is Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport which is just 8.5 km from the city. If you want to travel by train then Nagpur Railway Junction is the nearest station from the fort. Other than Nagpur Main Station there are other railway stations which are nearer to the city such as Ajni, Itwari and Kalamna.

Best time to visit Ram Mandir

Ramtek is covered with mesmerising flora and fauna and lush green hills. The best time to visit here is in the days of winter which is from October to February. Summer is very hot and the temperature is always above 40 degrees in this season. During Monsoons the roadways could turn flooded and reaching there may be hectic. So it is better to go in the winter season.

Where to stay

Among the huge number of homestays in Nagpur, a few have been suggested here. The first one is the Hotel Woodlands with contemporary amenities and elegant rooms. It is situated near the Nagpur railway station. A wide range of services is available for the pleasant stay of avid travellers. The other is Hotel JP international which is one of the most beautiful hotels at Aurangabad. The major attraction of the hotel is the kaleidoscopic sight of the town from the rooftop.

As Ramtek has a strong association with Hindu legends and Myths, it is an ideal place for a pilgrimage tour.  The place is flourished with a lot of edifices and structures. It is a holy place and a beautiful holiday destination for Hindu pilgrims as well as history lovers.

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