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Ranikhet Tourism

Ranikhet Tourism

Ranikhet Tourism

Ranikhet Tourism

Ranikhet Tourism

Insight into Ranikhet Tourism

Located in the Almora district, Ranikhet is one of the most beautiful hill towns in Uttarakhand. With a pleasant climate and serene environment, it is an all-season travel destination for nature lovers. Apart from Ranikhet Tourism, the small cantonment town is also known for two Regiments – Kumaon Regiment and Naga Regiment. Initially developed by the British, it is now managed by the Indian National Army.


Also known as the ‘Queen’s Meadow’ Ranikhet is believed to be the residence of Rani Padmini who was mesmerised by the beauty of this valley and fell in love with the enchanting land. Raja Sukherdev built her a palace which later became their residence. There are no traces of the palace and is believed to be destroyed as the British established their cantonment and developed Ranikhet as a hill station.


Ranikhet due to its high altitude enjoys a cool weather throughout the year and gets plenty of snowfall during the winters. Summer starts from late March till the end of May and temperatures during this season never go beyond 22 degrees. The monsoons arrive at the end of June and rains continue until early September. Winters in Ranikhet start early in October and end until the month of February. The temperatures can get below freezing with occasional snowfall experienced in the higher areas. In this way, climate plays a major role in Ranikhet Tourism.

Things to Do in Ranikhet

Chaubatia Gardens

Chaubatia Gardens is renowned for apple orchards. Apart from fruits, one can buy fresh juices and honey from Chaubatia Gardens. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas can be seen from the Gardens.

Bhalu Dam

It is basically an artificial small lake with natural beauty, wonderful views of the Himalayan ranges and placid surroundings. The site is

open to all tourists throughout the year. It is an ideal spot for camping and picnicking.

Golf Course

It is one of the highest golf courses in Asia. This 9-hole course makes it one of the chief attractions of Ranikhet.

KRC Museum

This Regiment Museum was established in the 1970 and it showcases the history of Kumaon and Garhwal regiments. It also displays valuable treasures like Rani Jhasi’s silver sceptre, Chinese rifles from the 1962 war, a World War-II Japanese wireless field telephone and documents related to the Kargil War.

Mankameshwar Temple

This beautiful temple was built by Indian Army Kumaon Regimental Centre, in 1978. The presiding deities of this temple are Ma Kalika, Lord Shiva and Radha-Krishna.

Kalika Temple

Upat Kalika temple is situated just 5 km away from Ranikhet. Kalika that draws its name from the famous Kali Temple is about 1 Km from Update.


Other important temples of Ranikhet Tourism are Binsar Mahadev Temple, Jhula Devi Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga and Haidakhan Temple built by Shri Haidakhan Maharaj who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Best Time to Visit Ranikhet Tourism

Summer is the best time to visit Ranikhet. The pleasant summer allows visitors to easily roam about during daytime and experience the natural beauty of the place.

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