Rave Moti

Rave Moti

A Ticket to amazing ride Rave Moti

Rave Moti is the second multiplex cum mall situated near the Moti Lal Padam Pat Udyog, Sarvodaya Nagar in Kanpur, UP. Established in May 2007 Rave Moti is the second multiplex cum mall conceived as a result of the success of Rave 3. This mall covering an area of 2.50 lac square feet consists of a banquet hall Jalsaa with the capacity to accommodate about 150 to 200 customers, 3 multiplexes managed by Adlabs, 2 restaurants namely Tadka – Indian cuisine and Palate – Multicuisine, etc. It is an ideal place for your and your family’s shopping needs as this mall harbors a huge range of products featuring some of the popular brands. With the state of the art equipment and an efficient building management system that is comparable to the best of the industry, Rave Moti is arguably one the best mall in Kanpur.

U can make your day wonderful at Rave Moti through the;

Shopping Experience

Rave Moti is pure indulgence where famed fashion and lifestyle design clash head-on with contemporary art and fine furnishings. A variety of clothes and fashionable items are surely gonna attract you. It is the home to many high-street fashion brands, including Calvin Klein, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, and Zara. There is also an impressive range of souvenirs, Jewelry, beachwear, electrical goods, and dining options. Availability of a wide range of fashionable clothes surely gonna satisfy your taste of style. Overall Rave Moti is a perfect stop for the shopaholic.


What better way to enjoy your day than a thriller movie at the multiplex? Rave Moti possesses one of the best Multiplex in the whole of Kanpur that can surely give you the cinema experience at its fullest at the same time providing you with utmost comfort. Food spots at Multiplex make ensure that you enjoy the movie while satisfying your taste buds. It is a family-friendly spacious area a perfect spot for families to relish their weekend

Food Court

Rave Moti has very delicious and healthy eatables available in the food court area. Tantalizing smells from cinnamon rolls, decadent cookies, pizzas, or holiday coffee drinks that waft through the mall will be irresistible to ignore without tasting. The food is freshly prepared and surely going to give you mouth-watering moments while enjoying at Mall.

Play Zone

Rave Moti has a very fun and interactive play zone. They have a huge variety of rides: a Helicopter ride, a waterbed with balls, toy train, and sorts of electronic rides which are loved by kids. Kids up to the age of 6 can explore, learn, imagine, and create or simply be active in the play area made of a soft surface. There is a café also for the parents to sit and relax with amazing food and free wi-fi connection.

Accommodation in Rave Moti

Tourists to Kanpur surely want to visit this place as it is a hub of the area. Various hotels nearby place, Rave Moti can easily provide accommodation to the visitors. There are many nearby places to explore too like JK temple, Allen zoo, and Motijheel Park. This location has a wide range of budget options available for accommodation including 5 stars hotel. Moreover, Train and Bus service is also available 24 hours to easily visit this Adventurous place.

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