Reasons To Visit The Philippines

16 Reasons To Visit The Philippines

Reasons To Visit The Philippines: Until recently, The Philippines has traditionally been ignored by widespread tourism, overlooked in favor of other well-known (and more easily accessible) destinations such as Thailand and Singapore. However, The Philippines’ tourism industry is rapidly growing, with an increase of nearly 16% between 2014 and 2105 alone (source). Without a doubt, it is a wonderful and idyllic vacation destination, and one which, once visited, you’ll want to keep coming back to.

Here are 16 reasons why you should visit The Philippines:

1. The People

Filipino people are warm and welcoming, particularly to tourists visiting from overseas. You’ll find that the people you meet in The Philippines have an infectious zest for life and an upbeat attitude that can quickly become contagious.

2. The Prices

You’d be hard-pressed to find another country where the prices are quite as affordable as they are in the Philippines; with accommodation, internal flights, food and drink all being relatively inexpensive, you’ll find that you can afford to stay in the Philippines for much longer than you think.

3. The Beaches

The beaches in the Philippines are white as snow (but thankfully much warmer!), and almost always accompanied by crystal-clear blue seas. The beaches here really are truly perfect, and look every bit as incredible in real life.

4. The Wildlife

This country provides a rich home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including unusual fish, birds, and land mammals. The world’s smallest primate, an adorable creature called a Tarsier, is also native to the islands and is well worth seeking out.

5. The Diving

The Philippines contains one of the world’s top three dive sites, and no matter whether you’re a brand new diver taking their first trip or a keen diver with hours of dive time under their belt, you will find that the diving sites are truly remarkable.

6. The Food

Philippines food

This country is famed for its rich and delicious food: you’ll find that there are plenty of culinary delights waiting to be sampled when you visit, along with more unique options such as Balut.

7. No Language Barrier

Worried that you don’t know how to speak Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines)? There’s no need to worry about a language barrier when you visit, as English is an official language and is spoken nationwide.

8. The Karaoke

Karaoke bars are very popular, and it is definitely a common national pastime. Whether it’s something you would normally enjoy or not, when visiting the Philippines, a trip to a karaoke bar is an absolute must!

9. A Rich History

You’ll find a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites here, and because the destination is considered off the beaten track for most tourists, you’re unlikely to find the sites crowded, or unspoiled like other SE Asian destinations.

10. Tourist-Friendly

The Philippines is incredibly tourist-friendly, and you’ll find a host of tours and locations specifically designed for tourists across the country. You can easily change travel money, speak to locals who can give you advice on how to spend your vacation, along with finding a number of stores selling Filipino treats to take home.

11. Cheap Alcohol

If you like to indulge in a local beverage or two when you are on vacation then you’re in luck when you visit the Philippines: alcohol is VERY cheap. A bottle of San Miquel beer is usually 50-60 PHP, whilst it is possible to purchase a whole bottle of locally produced Tanduay rum for around the same price.

12. The Shopping

The abundance of shopping opportunities in Manila is second to none, as you will find every luxury designer brand there (unfortunately though, the luxury goods are still the same price as everywhere else!). The country is known for its vast, modern malls and is soon to open one of the largest malls in SE Asia.

13. The Weather

The weather in the Philippines is wonderful most of the time, with average yearly temperatures around 26.6°C. While a very destructive typhoon devastated parts of the country in 2013, these types of weather occurrences are rare and shouldn’t put you off visiting. For guaranteed good weather, aim to go in the first half of the year, as from June to December the rain is more common.

14. A Hispanic Heritage

Despite being in the heart of Asia, the Philippines has deep-lying Hispanic roots, on account of the Spanish colonization. This gives the whole country a unique feel from the rest of Asia and infiltrates food, language, and various other aspects of the culture.

15. Always a Reason to Party! 

As this is a predominantly Catholic country, the entire nation virtually comes to a standstill in order to celebrate religious and cultural festivals. With everyone encouraged to join in the celebrations, it feels like there is always a reason to party in the Philippines! Sinulog Festivalin Cebu is a must-see.

16. A Wonderful Place to Relax

The Philippines is also a great choice if you’re looking for a vacation full of rest and relaxation. With a host of highly regarded spas situated across the country, you’ll be spoilt for a choice of wonderful places to relax, unwind, and enjoy a truly restful vacation.

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