5 Rest and Relaxation in South America

South America is an exceptionally beautiful continent, featuring many of the best tourist attractions across the globe. It has so much to boast about when it comes to history, culture, places, and people. If you are planning to have a memorable escape from the busy life of the urbanized cities in your country, then it’s time you experience the chill spots that backpacking South America offers.

When it comes to relaxation, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia have so much to offer. Whether you like a natural (eg. thermal springs and lakes) or urban spas (man-made resorts), these countries offer a good way to relax and to pamper yourself. If you’re shopping around for a bargain, look into spa vouchers or special spa offers. On a tight budget? Hot springs, in particular, are definitely the best gifts from the volcanic areas of the Andes mountain range. Relieve your stress now and take a break with these ultimate vacation destinations!

#1 Seascapes in Venezuela

Seascapes in Venezuela - Rest and Relaxation in South America

This country boasts of Los Roques Archipelago National Park, a marine protected area located in Caracas. It is the largest marine park in the Caribbean featuring an exceptionally beautiful archipelago that will surely leave everyone breathless. Colorful reefs, mangroves, white beaches, and seagrass beds are what make this place a must-visit for the South America tourist who wants to enjoy a natural environment. The park is also home to several pristine beaches and sparkling, crystalline waters, making it a true haven.

#2 Chile Caliente

Indeed a haven of paradise, this country is home to many natural hot springs, thanks to the abundance of volcanoes. For one, the Coñaripe Hot Springs, due to the wealth of sodium, calcium, boron, sulfates, magnesium, and iron in the waters, greatly help eliminate stress, reduce exhaustion and improve skin and joint conditions. Furthermore, the resort is surrounded by numerous volcanoes and seven interconnected lakes, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.

Situated in the picturesque Andes around 1300 feet above sea level and next to Liucura River, the Huife Hot Springs boast world-class infrastructures with year-round spa services ideal for a relaxing getaway. The temperature of the waters ranges from 38 to 58°C and they are widely said to relieve stress and treat chronic skin and joint diseases. Other activities that you can enjoy include hiking, horseback riding, boating, and fishing.

#3 Pampering in Peru

Pampering in Peru - Rest and Relaxation in South America

Peru is a country of fascinating history that contains spectacular natural and man-made South American tourist attractions. In fact, it is often dubbed the “country of thermal springs” due to the numerous hot springs scattered all over the region. Aguas Calientes, located at the base of Machu Picchu, is a favorite stop for tourists trekking the Inca Trail. On the other hand, the Inca Baths of Cajamarca that reach up to 75°C were also favored bathing spots back in the Incan era. The baths have been well-preserved, along with the stone canals and fountains used long ago. You can also find several great thermal springs around the areas of the Colca Canyon, usually made up of stones. Peru has just so many hot springs that it’s impossible to experience them all in a week-long vacation.

#4 Ecuador’s Spa Treatments

Ecuador’s Spa Treatments

If you want some unique spa experience, Madre Tierra Garden Hotel in Vilcabamba is a must-try. It offers one-of-a-kind services that include clay treatments and wraps, mud baths, colonics with coffee, reforestation of intestinal flora with acidophilus bacteria, as well as some common treatments such as massage. In addition, it features a spectacular mountain view – truly a relaxing experience you shouldn’t miss. The Chachimbiro hot springs are also a top favorite in Ecuador. The springs were formed after an earthquake occurred in 1868 and since then, the waters were thought to be very beneficial by the native inhabitants. The unique water properties, as well as the tranquility of the area, place the resort as one of the best in the country.

#5 Beauty of Bolivia

Beauty of Bolivia - Rest and Relaxation in South America

Relaxation is not always about spas and resorts. Sometimes, it’s about experiencing “heaven on Earth”. Have a peaceful escape from reality with the world’s highest desert, Salar de Uyuni. It is elevated 3,656 meters above sea level near the crest of the Andean landscape. Truly a majestic paradise, this vast salt plain is perhaps the most beautiful (and peaceful) place in the world. Experience heaven as you can virtually touch the clouds with your hands!

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