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Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto

Visiting Rio Secreto: Mexico’s Underground Rivers & Caves

Tour to Rio Secreto’s cave may be less strenous but it is an absolutely amazing adventure for the spirit and the visual imagery of the mind. This place is famous for the underground caverns with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. It is at the womb of nature containing essence of the Mayan culture which is both interesting and enchanting. Tourists from far off places like to visit there due to its uniqueness other than the mountains and hills. Such an underground thrilling offbeat place is rarely found all over the world. Besides South Africa and Iceland, the underground passage and river of Rio Secreto offers travellers to have spelunking adventure. Nature has so many secrets to be discovered and Rio Secreto: Mexico’s underground rivers and caves is one of the secret to be explored.

Cave excursion

It has been heard that about 13000 years ago some ancient remaining of the Mayan Culture was found in the cenotees and caves of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Presently there are caves that are covered in vines and provide way to get down into the underground caverns. That seems like a maze where you would not know what is coming next. The weather is warm with humidity but the water is cold. The guide would help you get inside the cave by switching searchlights that will make the water look blue and bright. You have to be careful about stepping while wondering through the cave because of slippery and sometimes jagged ground. The water level is up to the chest or slightly higher but you would not feel any difficulty as life jackets are there to help you float.

Rio Secreto is actually the second largest underground river system in the world. The water inside the cave is a part of the network of rivers flowing beneath the Yucatan peninsula. Anybody who is not afraid of darkness and the tight environment would be able to visit there as the water inside is not so deep. The water is fresh and clear as the place is taken good care for the travellers to visit. Before entering the cave you can reluctantly place all of your valuables (watches, cameras, jewellery, wallets and IDs) into the lockers that are provided. On the way, you will be stopped for a Mayan blessing ceremony before entering the sacred cave, all smoke no mirrors.

Sacred River Chambers

You will be rewarded with amazing mineral formations, chambers of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites, all of which took millions of years to create, and the view is enhanced by the crystal clear water of the Rio Secreto itself. The place is pitch black, with the faint sound of an occasional solitary water droplet off  accompanied with the senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch which were all suspended in the darkness. All together the river cave is thrilling and a great option to fulfil the thirst of your adventurous soul.

How to get Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is located off highway 307 along the Riviera Maya, to the south of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. It is nearby both to Cancun and Tulum, to say the place is jut at a distance of half an hour from these places. If you want to go there by yourself then rent a car otherwise arrange for a local taxi or collective van to pick you up from hotel.

Where to stay in Rio Secreto

The nearest place to stay is Playa del Carmen; however Cancum and Tulum are nice places to hang about. Hostel Playa, La Galleria provides accommodation within low budget with all the necessary amenities and great location.

What to carry

Make sure to carry a towel and a swimsuit as you have to get down into the water. And Rio Secreto would provide the other essentials such as life jacket, helmet, and light and water shoes to have an incredible journey into the unknown. Cameras are not allowed inside the cave due to risky environment.

Rio Secreto: Mexico’s Underground Rivers & Caves specialises in naturalist’s approach to explore the sacred caves along with its religious significance. It is interlaced with excitement and adventure of swimming in the underground river and hiking through the caverns that are millions of years old.


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