Top 8 Romantic Destinations in Europe

Thanks to an incredible level of diversity across the continent, a two-hour flight can easily land you in a city that appears very much like a different world. And anyone that has traveled extensively will tell you that there is something very romantic about being in a different world. When you throw in the cheaper prices of Eastern Europe and the medieval architecture that all of Europe is famous for, you have a continent that is ideal for romantic weekends.

Here are eight of the best destinations for a romantic break.

Krakow, Poland


Those considering a romantic getaway will find both medieval architecture and significantly lower prices should they venture into Eastern Europe, a perfect example being the ever-popular city of Krakow in Poland. Although Warsaw is the official capital of the new European Union member, the majority of tourists entering Poland do so with the intention of visiting Krakow. It is home to the largest main square in Europe and said square combined with the ever-popular Jewish quarter offers those looking for a romantic meal a ridiculously large selection of venues. The city is also home to the marvelous Wawel River which is absolutely perfect for moonlight walks.

Paris, France


It would of course be impossible to write an article on the most romantic destinations in Europe without including the romantic capital of the world, Paris. Despite the fact that the city is one of the most expensive in Europe, the presence of both the Eiffel Tower and an array of beautiful tree-lined streets make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway for two. It is also worth noting that Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to marriage proposals.

Venice, Italy

Places to Visit in Venice

Venice would have to be considered the most unique city on the list considering it is the only one on the list, if not the world, where a romantic meal can end with a quiet gondola down dimly lit labyrinths of tiny canals. Much like Paris, Venice is certainly not easy on the wallet with almost all businesses more than happy to raise typical Italian prices for the ever-present tourists. Due to the sheer popularity of the destination, those looking for a romantic getaway are also recommended to avoid the peak tourist seasons of Spring and Summer and instead head to the city during Autumn or Winter. During these seasons, prices are lower, crowds are less dense and thanks to the city’s geographical location, dining outdoors is still both possible and incredibly romantic.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled - Romantic Destinations in Europe

Arguably the most picturesque destination on this list, the small Slovakian town of Bled is the perfect romantic getaway for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Located in the middle of the Julian Alps, the beauty of this small mountain town really isn’t up for debate and one of its unique charms is that is both an ideal Winter and Summer destination. This is largely down to the postcard-perfect lake that is at its center and which contains not only a small island but one that happens to have its own castle. During summer, couples can relax in the sunshine by the lake whereas, during the winter, snowfall is abundant turning the town into a Winter wonderland complete with a small collection of ski runs.

Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva - Romantic Destinations in Europe

The land of chocolate and perfectly tuned watches is frequently overlooked by couples looking to experience a romantic weekend away due to the country’s reputation as expensive. Provided you can afford it, however, the city and its magnificent lake are truly idyllic and while you certainly pay quite a bit to eat out in the city, you are rewarded with some of the best food available on the continent. Of course, to truly experience the magic of any Swiss city, a visit during the snow-filled winter months is certainly recommended.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a bit of beach to go with your romance, you could certainly do a lot worse than Barcelona. The city combines a beautiful harbor with truly magnificent architecture along the famous La Ramblas. Barcelona is ideal for long evening walks and contains an endless amount of beautiful squares, none more romantic than Plaza Real. If you only plan on being in the city for a weekend, the most impressive attraction in Barcelona is probably Gaudi Park which not only contains some beautiful artwork and sculptures by the renowned artist but also boasts some of the best views in the entire city.

Amsterdam, Holland


While the Dutch capital is probably most famous for its naughty side, the city is also home to an abundance of beautiful canals, an incredibly varied nightlife, and some of the most welcoming people in Europe. While not quite as romantic as riding a Gondola in Venice, there are many cruise boats available to take you and your loved one around the city’s vast canal network complete with wine and candlelight. It is also one of the nicest cities in Europe to simply stroll around stopping at random street-side cafes along the way.

Bruges, Belgium


Just a two-hour journey from Brussels, the rather small town of Bruges may well be one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. While Krakow has the largest main square in Europe, many people agree that there is just something magical about the main square in Bruges. And never is that statement truer than during December when the entire area is lit up completes with tastefully designed lights and of course, the annual Winter market. Regardless of when you visit, however, the quaint bars, romantic restaurants, and the array of outdoor cafes ensure that an enjoyable time will certainly be had.

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