Romantic Restaurants In Bangalore

Romantic Restaurants in Bangalore

It would be wrong to say that love needs some season to be ‘in the air’. Possible if it is, imagine a dreamy-delightful setting, soul-soothing music playing, sort of a chill in the air, extravagant wines to set the glee in and exquisite gourmet dishes to top it all off. A recipe to win his or her heart all over one might call it. Bangalore, with its pleasant and soothing weather condition, can provide exactly that. This also makes Romantic restaurants in Bangalore sustain much more than it could in any their metropolitan cities. One might call it the perfect city to enjoy candlelight dinner dates by the pool or choose a rooftop restaurant while dining overlooking a spectacular skyline housed by the Tech City. While on this very topic some must mentions are –

Olive Beach:

Olive Beach

It is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant which boasts of the white-stark walls and spectacularly addictive motifs. Olive Beach can in-fact quite accurately emulate the experience of dining in a beautiful place located in the Mediterranean. Chef Manu Chandra’s exquisite gourmet creations, on top of that, could always spoil one’s taste buds. Overall, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful restaurant settings in the city, thus enlisting itself to the Romantic restaurants of Bangalore club.

Om Made Café:

Om Made Café

Amazing is how Om Madras Cafe is but a transformation of simple space into a peaceful setting where one can enjoy their quiet time, as well as bring their ‘someone’ over for a romantic time. Quirky rooftop offered by Om Madras cafe is a way to go if one is planning a casual candlelight dinner under the starry sky. In the liquor section wine is the only available option, which would not be an issue if some quality time with loved ones is sought. The menu offers Continental dishes, with plenty of options to choose from, which are also healthy.

Rim Naam:

Rim Naam

This place has been around in the romantic restaurants in Bangalore list for quite a bit of time now. It is now a favourite for patrons who adore the ambience set amidst a canopy of trees, decorated with pretty antique lanterns to set the mood. It is a welcome change from all the concrete, and trust The Oberoi’s outstanding hospitality to leave no stone unturned to make it a special night for the two of you. If you seek some quality Thai cuisine, then Rim Naam is certainly going to top the list among Romantic restaurants in Bangalore.

Le Cirque Signature:

Le Cirque Signature

This fine eatery is the perfect restaurant for foodies, who along with their loved ones are always on the lookout for exquisite cuisine and exclusive wine. The luxury setting is bound to have a long-lasting impression. All one would wish while visiting this place is to pick a corner table by the dramatic glass window, and lose yourself in signature Italian dishes (garnished as artfully as required), whilst redefining his or her love for ‘that someone’.

The Tao Terraces:

The Tao Terraces

As the name suggests, it is a rooftop eatery above a mall. The décor is spectacularly ravishing, with Asian motifs to add to the whole setting. Dining under the starry sky, while cool Bengaluru breeze bristles past- it goes without saying that the outdoor section is more popular here. The menu is extensive, boasting flavourful Pan Asian dishes to make it a memorable evening for both. Sushi and dim sum are the specialities as mentioned by several frequenters.

Persian Terrace:

Persian Terrace

As the name suggests, this restaurant is on the rooftop while having the setting of Persia, complete with intricate lanterns and glittery drapes. Lebanese all-time favorites like hummus, kibbeh, kabobs and falafel are sure to stick to ones taste buds. All these experience while passing time away over hookah with loved ones.

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