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Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacation in Ukraine

Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacation in Ukraine on Valentine’s Day

Time to reflect on a romantic journey, so unforgettably celebrate Valentine’s Day. In order to save time and money, to relax better in the aisles of Ukraine. How to make Valentine’s Day away from the usual situation sorted out Ricardo.com.ua.

Go away, but close!

Mark the holiday without leaving home, you can for 100-500 dollars. The cost depends on the location you have chosen for the town. Alternatively, you can stay near Kyiv, for example, in the nearby spa, offering a “holiday weekend”. This service includes accommodation in a double room, meals, and a pyatirazovoe list of medical procedures (if desired). At the resort, you can swim in the pool, visit the massages, walk in the park paths. And just to spend time with your half to one.

Sanatorium Vorzel offers a holiday weekend but will have to negotiate directly with the chief physician. The cost of living per person will cost 180 hryvnias per day (Vorzel, Lenin str. 1, (04497) 463-81).

Health Rehabilitation Centre Vorzel (st. Dzerzhinsky, 5, (04497) 465-78, (04497) 461-50), also invited guests for the weekend. However, it is necessary to try to catch the employee center, and agree with him about the room.

Santorini holiday suitable for those seeking a calm environment for a relatively small fee.

What should we arrange a tour!

Combine a romantic trip with visiting historical sights can be rummaged in the proposals of travel companies.
Most travel agencies offer travel in Kamenetz-Podolsk. The program of this tour including excursions to the castles of the city, also (14 February) February 14 in one of the restaurants. The price of the four national holidays will range from 80-200 dollars. A five-star Rixos Hotel Prikarpatye offers a special package “Valentines Day” worth Kamenets-Podolsky -900 hryvnia for two, which includes only accommodation in a standard double room. Gala dinner and show program in the evening on Feb. 14 will cost an additional 500 hryvnia for two.

Tour operator offers Ancortour loving couples to tour Kamenetz-Podolsk-Hawtin. Price, which starts with 425 hryvnias per person. Also, organizers promise to give each pair, unforgettable gift.

Ukrainians, especially Kyiv, always pulls in Lviv, where the doors are opened dozens of museums, bruschatkanaveivaet historical novels, and old French yards are invited to walk.

Travel agencies have not missed a chance to please tour “Saint Valentine’s Day in Lviv, the cost of which will cost 150-1500 hryvnia. The price usually includes travel, tours, accommodation, meals, and romantic dinner (extra charge). Retrieved from “Ukrturizm offers tours of 190 hryvnias per person for one day, but for 745 hryvnias can go to the former capital of Ukraine for two days.

On Valentine’s Day is still possible to go, for example, to Transcarpathia, ski, enjoy the scenery, and sit in kolyba. We’ll get a trip to 700-900 hryvnia per person. You can go to Bukovel, the price includes accommodation, breakfast, and a holiday program. ‘Ukrturizm offers to go to Mukachevo in a two-day tour called “Castle namisto”, “Zakarpattya for Zakohanih that Cohanim, two days will have to pay 570 hryvnias per person. In Ivano-Frankivsk can attend during the ceremony “Gutsulskeвесілля. The organizers offer lovers route: Carpathians / Ivano-Frankivsk region. / Verkhovyna. This two-day trip will cost 885 hryvnias per person.

So choose what you are more attractive prices for tours of Ukrainian cities do not differ significantly.

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