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Santiniketan Tourist Lodge

Santiniketan Tourist Lodge

Stay Amidst Nature and Folk Song by visiting Santiniketan Tourist Lodge

Santiniketan is situated at a separation of 164 km frame Calcutta. Shantiniketan was established by Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, father of Rabindranath Tagore, who additionally settled an ashram here, later known as the Abode of Peace. In 1901, his child began a trial place of learning with a classroom under the trees and a gathering of five students. This place later progressed toward becoming to be known as Vishva Bharati University in 1921 which draws in understudies from everywhere throughout the world and tries to be a profound meeting ground in a quiet, socially rich and imaginative condition. Today, Shantiniketan is an extraordinary place for higher investigations in expressions and known for the well known Vishva Bharati University. The entire place is saturated with the memory of the colossal artist, Rabindranath Tagore. more about santiniketan tourist lodge

Attractions in Santiniketan

Tagore's AshramTagore’s Ashram

You should visit Tagore’s ashram on the off chance that you are in Shantiniketan. Established by Maharishi Debendranath Tagore (his dad) in 1863, this legacy site gives an understanding into Rabindranath Tagore’s life. It is at present an all around protected foundation that houses the works, grants, and different parts of Tagore’s life.The ashram isn’t only one building; it incorporates a few structures related with the Tagore family, a gallery, open ranges, and even a few classes that are held in the complex for understudies of Visva Bharati. The mango woods, very much looked after streets, exemplary engineering, and gardens, make for a brilliant walk. It is suggested that you take a guide along to learn and see more about the place and the names related with it. The entire place is encompassed in a quieting air, and an absolute necessity visit for not just individuals who adore the Gurudev and his works, yet for each explorer. The ashram stays shut on Wednesdays. Near by will will find santiniketan tourist lodge.

Rabindra Bhavan Museum

Rabindra Bhavan Museum1961, the time of Rabindranath Tagore’s introduction to the world century, was the year this amazing museum was developed. For any individual who wishes to find out about the life, works, and a greater amount of the Nobel laureate, the Rabindra Bhavan Museum resembles a one-stop shop. Letters, depictions, reports, photos, declarations, individual ancient rarities, and even a couple of unique original copies are housed wonderfully in this museum. With a striking area by the side of the Kopai River, this museum is celebrated around the world worldwide and individuals run from all finished to get a knowledge into the life of the artistic legend. The sprawling grounds are with regards to the topic of the whole place, and the structure itself is amazing with its old Bengali Zamindari-style design and stylistic theme. You don’t need to be a devotee of Tagore’s work to understand the importance of this place. Fortunately the museum is open even on Sundays, shutting just every Wednesday.

Poush mela

Poush melaPoush mela is begun each year at seventh Poush according to the Bengali Calendar. This year Poush Mela will begin on 23rd December 2010. A morning petition is there at the Ashram in the morning. At that point the understudies of Santiniketan display some radiant execution by singing tunes of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore. There are some live execution of Bengali people melody exceptionally Baul music. Every day distinctive occasions are sorted out. During is time you will find many santiniketan tourist lodge.

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