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Sarasota Florida

Sarasota Florida

Sarasota Florida

Sarasota Florida sits on the southwest coast of Florida, surrounded by a collection of keys that are home to some of the best sandy beaches the state has to offer. Sarasota is “undiscovered Florida”, a world away from the brash party cities in other parts of the state. This area of Florida is the perfect location for a holiday of quiet and calm amongst beautiful surroundings.

The city flag features the statue of David, and Sarasota does have has an Italian flavor, where a lot of the architecture is inspired by Venetian homes. This adds another layer to the unique experience of Sarasota.

Main Attraction in Sarasota Florida

Ringling Estates

Ringling Estates - Sarasota Florida
Ringling Estates

One of Sarasota’s most famous residents was a man named John Ringling, who built up a circus empire that made him one of the richest men in America in the 1920s. He settled in the then very small town of Sarasota and built his own grand estate. Ringling Estates now houses Florida’s best modern art gallery, alongside a thrilling museum all about the history of the circus. Access to the 66-acre Bayfront gardens is included in your ticket price. This is a must-do for the family if you fancy a break from the beach!

What To Do

Visit Award-Winning Beaches

Lido Beach - Sarasota Florida
Lido Beach

The beaches in Sarasota are the perfect place to sit back, relax and let your stresses leave you, The area is blessed with year-long sunshine, and beach hopping is the perfect pastime for a holiday in Sarasota because there is such a huge range to explore. Sarasota itself has a great range, but if you trip out to the surrounding keys, you will find some real gems. Siesta Key is known as one of the best beaches in America, filled with perfect white sand and crystal blue waters. Longboat Key and Manasota Key are also local “hidden gems” with beaches that are never overcrowded.

Get in the Water

Anna Maria Island
Anna Maria Island

There are some world-class water sports in Sarasota, including parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and fishing. Some of the larger hotels will provide packages, but there are also many independent companies in the area that can help you make a splash in the ocean! If you want to get out into the water but are a bit worried about thrills and spills, you can simply hire a GPS-equipped boat to explore the keys that surround the city. This is also a great spot for dolphin watching, and the tame creatures will often come very close to your boat.

Where To Stay


Sarasota and the surrounding Keys have a great selection of calm, personal, family-friendly hotels. Beachfront hotels include the luxurious Ritz-Carlton and the popular Lido Beach Resort, all with a range of pools so you can enjoy the sun to your fullest. You can find smaller, more boutique experiences on the keys. Cheaper options can be found in downtown Sarasota, where the larger chains provide comfortable lodgings at reasonable prices. There are many all-inclusive holidays available in the area, perfect for relaxing with the family.


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