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Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple

Sabitri temple

Savitri Temple

Discover the amazingness with feel of purity – Savitri Temple

Located at the top of the hills in Pushkar, Savitri Temple is the most blessed place. The wonderful design of the temple attracts a lot of visitors from all parts of the world, despite the fact that it is on the hilltop. The remarkable and stunning architecture, of the holy shrine, constitutes marked this place as a prime pilgrimage site to visit. The alluring design of this spot will surely force you to think about the amazing skills of craftsmen. One can experience the amazing view of sunrise and sunset as well from this hilltop; the beauty of the nearby temple provides an eye-soothing view to the visitors. Moreover, this site is also known for its festivals, the place is stunningly decorated with happiness and traditions during numerous festivals which provide an amazing experience to visitors. The ideal time to catch this place is during the months of October and March when winter knocks on the town!

Nearby attraction to unfold during a visit to Savitri Temple;

Lakes in Savitri Temple

There are a number of lakes around the Savitri Temple in Pushkar. Most of the sites represent as an amazing beauty to tourists, Pushkar Lake is no exception from it. Pushkar lake offer boasts a breathtaking shine and side by side also believed as the holy site, one dip in the lake and get rid of your all pains. Along with this, for an outstanding experience bathing ghats are right on your way, also includes in the spiritual site. The place has 52 ghats and each has its own specialty to amaze the tourists.


After getting blessed from the Savitri Temple, the Bazaar in Pushkar is an ideal place to unfold. The place caught the madness of tourists from all over the world due to the various range of attractions, providing the view of the rich culture and tradition of this place. However, the various types of stunning bazaars that provides a number of unique things. The various things from lovely bangles, clothes, and Rajasthani stitches are popular; the fine texture of clothes to some of the finest woolen materials are a glimpse of the bazaars.


The holy and spiritual place shines with the number of historical temples, you don’t want to skip during the Savitri Temple visit. Temple with stunning intricate artwork, lovely architectural styles, and mouth-opening beauty is the reason for attraction for tourists. Some famous temples such as the old range temple, Saraswati temple, Savitri temple, however, these temples are only the tip of Everest as the place consists of about 400 lovely temples which definitely make you feel blessed. These temples are the something that is must visit by tourists to unfold this place fully, make their trip unforgettable surely.

How to reach Savitri Temple

Being the most visited place, it has all ways to help tourists easily catch this place. This destination is comfortable accessed by various modes of transportation. Nearby Jaipur airport is also available to visit by flights, however by rail and by road services are also available to visitors 24 hours, one can also hire a private cab or taxi for their pleasant visit to Savitri Temple

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