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Scammed While Traveling

Scammed While Traveling

Scammed While Traveling

Scammed While Traveling: Despite your best efforts on trying to avoid scams or cons while you travel, if you travel enough it’s sooner or later bound to happen to you. If you do happen to be unfortunate enough to fall into a minor scam you can reduce the overall negative impact on your trip by following some sound advice and start by not overreacting. Things happen and most travelers who learn to be flexible tend to have a much easier and less stressful time traveling in a variety of conditions. The first thing you need to do when you’ve been scammed is to confirm that you actually have been scammed. It’s common in many touristic areas for foreigners to pay most when purchase items at small shops and markets so ending up paying a bit more isn’t usually worthy of being called a ‘scam.’

Check Serial Numbers

Check Serial Numbers - Scammed While Traveling
Check Serial Numbers

You can also look to see if you’ve purchase fake or imitation designer goods by looking up the serial numbers of Google. Generally speaking though, if you paid far less for it than you know the item to be worth chances are it isn’t real. Designer stuff and most legitimate electronics come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Items that don’t have one maybe gray market and sold for less but then again you should know what you are buying and whether or not it’s covered for any defects.

Call The Credit Card Company

Credit Card - Scammed While Traveling
Credit Card

This is what to do for any purchases you make with your credit card that turn out to be defective items. Most credit card companies give you certain protections on purchases and may be able to reimburse you for money lost on defective or misrepresented goods. Be sure to let the credit card company know in detail what has happened and exactly what you purchased and how much you paid. Also, as soon as you suspect fraud, let the credit card company know to monitor your account and change your card numbers as soon as you return home.

Don’t Bother Going Back

You might be able to get your money back but it could be a long stressful process that doesn’t yield any results. You’re better off swallowing small losses and reporting bigger ones. Another option is also to tell the local authorities too and let them know your story to see if they can help you reclaim your money or lost items.

Learn From Your Mistake

Learn From Your Mistake - Scammed While Traveling
Learn From Your Mistake

The worst thing you can possibly do after a scam is not to take anything from it and miss out on learning your lesson. After being conned you’ve now gained some valuable experience about a place and know what to look out for and avoid in similar situations as you continue to travel.

Remember that not all scams are located in the third-world or in dark little corners of each city. You can be conned just about anywhere and targeted for a number of reasons. Being an outsider it’s easy to become a target so before your trip take some advice on how to avoid scams abroad. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you but if it does, relax, and work your way to better the situation, learn from the mistake, and enjoy the rest of your trip.


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