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Shani Temple

shani temple

Shani Temple and its nearby places

Shani temple : Shani shinganapur is a town situated at Maharashtra, India; at around 35 km from the Ahmednagar city. The town is famous as the place of Lord Shani, the divine force of planet Saturn (Shani). It is said that Lord Shani is extremely strict and he rebuffs each individual once in his life for the wrong things done however grants also for the great work. Another component of the Shinganapur town is that not a solitary house has entryways but rather just the door jambs. The general population in the town trusts that no cheat can do anything at the effective place of Lord Shani.

Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur’s legend in Taluk Naivasa of District Ahmednagar is well known, far and wide, as the hallowed place of innumerable aficionados. The quantity of its mind boggling marvels discovers its place of pride in The Guinness book of World Records. Ahmednagar’s populace is referred to prevalently as the place of holy people. God Shani possesses a position of dread in the brains of a great many people in India. There is unnecessary dread about God Shani in the brains of individuals, dissimilar to different Gods in the pantheon.

About Shani Temple:

Shani Temple : The specialty of the Lord Shanidev’s place is that there are no long queues and people don’t have to wait for the darshan of Swayambhu statue of Shanidev, unlike other temples. The only one of its kind feature is that there is no temple for the idol of Lord Shanidev and just a black statue is standing on a simple platform. Devotees can offer Puja and abhishek on Saturdays and Mondays on the tradition that a devotee needs to take a head bath and should go to the lord Shanidev’s platform in wet clothes.

Other than the symbol of Shanidev, there are sanctuaries of Goddess Laxmi. The renowned Samadhi of Sant Shri Udasi Baba is additionally there before these sanctuaries and three obscure samadhis too. There is a sanctuary of Shri Dattatraya on the east course of the Shanidev’s idol.

Places near Shani Shinganapur


At around 70 km from Shani Shinganapur, Shirdi is arranged which is the well known place of Shri Sai Baba. Saibaba has spent a large portion of him life in Shirdi Village. A large number of guests day by day visit Shirdi sanctuary to take gifts from Sai Baba.


At around 69 km northwest of Shingnapur, Sakori is found and is prestigious for its Upasani Kanyakumari Sthan. The place has a great deal of positive vitality and can be felt by anybody.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The Ajanta and Ellora hollows are considered as the best verifiable landmark in the Maharashtra, India; which are situated at around 79 km southwest from Shinganapur.


At around 143 km from the Shani Shinganapur, Nashik city is situated and is popular for its religious culture. There are many spots to find in the Nashik city; some of which incorporate Muktidham, Pandavleni Caves, Sula Vineyards, Kalaram Temple, Naroshankar Temple, Sundarnarayan Temple, Shri Kailas Math and so on.

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