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Six Holiday Rentals for the Affluent

Holiday Rentals for the Affluent

Six Holiday Rentals for the Affluent

Would you like to go somewhere nice and quiet to spend some unforgettable vacations? In case money is not an issue, there are some interesting options available in terms of holiday rentals. From conventionally luxurious villas to unexpectedly charming log cabins, there are quite a few interesting options available throughout the world. Here are some of the most inviting – and often expensive alternatives you can choose from.

1. Villa in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands
Canary Islands

Picture this: you’re lounging about your easy chair, laid out in the ample balcony of an exquisite villa of superb architectural design. Not a single worry crosses your mind, as you gaze out into the open sea holding your cocktail. Your kids play around in the courtyard pool, surrounded by ample expanses of luxurious green grass stretching all the way to the beach, in the distance below.

You’re availed of all the perks you could hope for in a modern house (entertainment center included), and none of the distractions you’d have to put up within a crowded hotel. There is no one around in the vicinities except the people you brought along. Good thing you decided to rent a secluded villa for the holidays, right? With its clear skies and inviting seas, the Canary Islands are indeed one of the best places in Europe for this type of holiday rental.

2. Cruiser Boat in Holland

Cruiser Boat in Holland - Holiday Rentals for the Affluent
Cruiser Boat in Holland

If you happen to like riding a boat, why not make it the center of your holidays? One of the best places for doing so in the world is arguably Holland, where there is a huge offering of boating holidays. These vessels come in all shapes and sizes – with or without a helmsman. In the former case, you’ll probably be docked somewhere gorgeous, while in the latter you will get a meandering tour of the local canals. Whatever your preference is (or your budget constraints), it will be hard not to feel utterly cradled and even mesmerized by the marine sceneries around you.

3. Log Cabin in the UK

Log Cabin in the UK
Log Cabin in the UK

You have surely heard about the latest trend in luxury camping – often referred to as ‘glamping’ – correct? If you think those glorified tents stuffed with embroidered pillows are impressive, you should know that is nothing compared to a proper log cabin. You get more space, better comfort, and improved protection from the elements… not to mention that some of the holiday rental log cabins we’ve seen around the UK are genuinely stylish and tasteful. You’ll never want to go back to a tent (no matter how flashy it looks) after vacationing in one of these noble little huts.

4. Treehouse in Hawaii

Treehouse in Hawaii - Holiday Rentals for the Affluent
Treehouse in Hawaii

For as long as there has been tourism, Hawaii has been an attractive destination. In the past few years though, a curious type of holiday accommodation has grown quite popular over in those sunny shores – tree houses. And we’re not talking about the kind of treehouse that children play with, either: think more along the lines of luxurious glamping-style accommodations nestled in huge exotic trees, right next to the beach. Many of the touristic treehouses of Hawaii are veritable works of landscape architecture, not to mention they are surprisingly comfortable. Truly a sight to behold – and one of the most original vacation rentals you will experience in your lifetime.

5. Abandoned Monastery in Venice

Abandoned Monastery
Abandoned Monastery

For those who make a point of trying all the unconventional options in terms of holiday accommodations, this is another must. Within the lovely city of Venice, a few historical monasteries have been restored as premium touristic nests in recent years. There, you get all the comforts you’d hope for in a proper hotel, along with the unique atmosphere and charm that is only available in historical monuments of the great cities of the Italian Renaissance.

6. Chateaux in France

Chateaux in France
Chateaux in France

And if you’re serious about going all out in terms of luxury and elegance, renting a castle should be fitting. Not just any boring old castle, though – but a proper French chateau, complete with all the posh amenities favored by “Les bon vivant”: tennis, golf, game rooms, huge pools, artistic gardens, expansive vineyards, and a palpable aristocratic feeling all around. Should you care for no less than the “créme de la crème”, this is surely an option to consider.

Do any of these tickle your fancy? If you can afford it – by all means, go for it and enjoy it! In fact, some of these options won’t really turn out that expensive if you’re planning holidays as a large group. Also, remember the same types of accommodation will sometimes be available in other countries, or even around the UK. Take some time to do a bit of research, and you’ll surely come across something that matches your aspirations without breaking your budget.


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