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13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

13 Best Skydiving Spots in the World

Skydiving Spots in the World: Imagine yourself waiting for the plane to carry you some 13000 feet above sea level, to give you the best time of your life. That moment when you are standing at the entrance of the plane waiting for your turn to take a leap into the air and fall freely. It’s only skydiving that can give you such a thrill and moment of life. No other sport or adventure can be as good as skydiving. Hence, today I thought to write down some of the best places in the world where you can enjoy this amazing adventure.

Let’s come back to the best spots.

1. Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai - Skydiving Spots in the World

Skydive Dubai, is located near the famous Palm Jumeriah of Dubai. The cost of one tandem jump is a 1999 AED. They take you exactly 13000 feet above sea level and I tell you the view from the air is sexy as hell. If one wishes to go for skydive Dubai then I would suggest them to book for the first slot early in the morning which is 6 Am. Why I am asking you to go for the 6 Am slot? Because by the time they get you ready and your jump completes it’s already 7 Am. After which, the atmosphere is pretty hot! you know how Dubai is! And by the time you wait for your video and pictures, it’s already 10 Am. Thus, if you finish your jump soon then you will have the rest of the day for other activities.

Skydive Dubai also has a training academy, for someone who wishes to learn skydiving. The academy is in the Dubai desert, where students are taught skydiving under professional instructors and tutors from around the world.

2.  Wollongong, Australia


Wollongong is just an hour’s drive from Sydney. The dropzone is the beautiful central beach of Wollongong. You might just get more excited by knowing that the diving height at Wollongong is 15000 feet above sea level, Which is more than the diving height at skydive Dubai, Plus you get to dive even at night. That’s crazy! considering jumping in the twinkling night. The amount for one tandem jump is $289 (Australian Dollars) on weekdays, and $329 on weekends. There are special buses that the company runs to and fro Sydney. And if you are a student or a backpacker or a senior then you are lucky to get additional discounts.

3. Seville, Spain

Seville - Skydiving Spots in the World

Located near many international airports, the Seville skydive dropzone offers a jump from 15000 feet. In 320€ (which includes videos and photos)one gets a tandem jump, which is a good bargain. If you are fearful and wish for a less height they offer you 10,000 feet as well for 185 Euros, The choice is all yours.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii Islands

Home to pearl harbor memorials and wakaii beaches. Hawaii is an exotic island in the pacific of the United States. And jumping from 20,000 Feet above sea level should prove to be a paradise for people who are on a hunt for an adventure. Yes! 20,000 feet and I am not kidding! Just like Seville Spain, Skydive Hawaii dropzone too offers you choices from 12,000 feet to 20,000. You must be lucky to see the entire island in your tandem jump.

5. Everest, Nepal

Nepal - Skydiving Spots in the World

For the first time in your life, you would think of Everest as too small for you and easy to capture! The dropzone in Nepal is in Pokhra, which is the second-largest city in Nepal. One tandem jump at Pokhra Skydive will cost you about $650.

6. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Fox Glacier

9000? 13000? Or 16500 feet? The choice is all yours at Fox Glacier dropzone of New Zealand. Fox Glacier is a 13 km long glacier located on New Zealand’s south island. The name Fox Glacier was adopted when the then prime minister of New Zealand Sir William Fox visited the place. Blessed with beautiful and mesmerizing natural beauty. Fox Glacier dropzone is a treat to the eyes.

7. Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken - Skydiving Spots in the World

Who thought that apart from honeymoon couples, Switzerland could also be a great destination for adventure seekers? Interlaken, Switzerland is a favorite hub for tourists in the summer season.  It’s located in the central part of Switzerland and is quite a destination for winter sports.

Once you jump out of the plane, You shall see the scenic beauty of the Interlaken, the Swiss Alps, and some more peaks in the area. The adrenaline rush you get by free-falling at the speed of 200Kph cannot be expressed in words.

8. Le Marche, Italy

Le Marche

There are many things that Italy is known for. Romance, food, and people. But very less people know of Italy as a skydiving place. Le Marche in Italy shall give adventure seekers a chance to kiss the sky at 13000 feet above sea level.

9. SkyDive Austral, Mauritius

SkyDive Austral - Skydiving Spots in the World

Blue beaches and exotic resorts, Is that all Mauritius got? No! Mauritius is also home to adventurous sports activities. In well over 15000 Rs one can get the best feeling of life at austral skydive dropzone.

10. Pattaya, Thailand


Apart from Pokhra in Nepal, Austral in Mauritius, and Skydive Dubai, There is one more place in Asia where one can satisfy his hunger for the thrill it’s in Pattaya, Thailand. Because of cheap accommodation and affordable travel, Thailand continues to attract many adventure seeker travelers from around the world.

11. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Kamchatka Peninsula - Skydiving Spots in the World

We don’t have any pic to show for the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. It’s a 1250 km long peninsula, where Skydiving activities are conducted regularly.

12. Victoria Falls, Zambia

Victoria Falls

Established in 2005, thousand’s of tandem jump has been conducted since then. It’s amazing to have a bird’s eye over Victoria falls partnered with amazing greenery. One can get choices for a tandem jump from 6,000 feet to 10,000 feet costing you $230 to $305.

13. Swakopmund, Namibia

Swakopmund - Skydiving Spots in the World

One of the oldest companies in skydiving, Ground rush adventures was founded in 1997 in Namibia and has conducted more than 37,000 tandem jumps as their websites suggest. One tandem jump shall cost you $2100 (Namibian Dollar).

Next time, when you visit any one of these countries then don’t forget to take a dive into the air with one of this dropzone.


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