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How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

Smart Card Driving License

How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

How To Apply for Smart Card Driving License

Digitalization has become a part of daily life in this mobile-first world. Every sector and organization is welcoming digital technology. As a result, even the payment system has gone digital, which allows for a quick change. Instead of paper documents, digital ID cards are being used in every field. Smart cards have taken the place of the traditional driving license. Drivers of motorcycles and cars should not only be aware of the change, but they must adopt it. This article will explain what a smart card driving license is and how to get one.

Smart Card Driving Licence (SCDL): What is it exactly?

Driving licenses used to be provided in the form of booklets that holds all of the necessary information. This book has been transformed into a smart card through digitalization. It is a card-based license which has almost the same size as your debit card or credit card. In the SCDL, there is a microchip embedded in the circuit. This chip contains the card holder’s personal information, such as biometrics. All of this information is maintained on the servers of the Regional Transportation Office (RTO).

It is an advanced version of the book-type DL, which was first developed in the 1950s. The new version is smaller, more robust, and more convenient. It is now possible for drivers to carry a card, which may be kept nearly anyplace and is not often destroyed. They may do this by visiting their local RTO and converting their old DL to the new format.

Eligibility Criteria for Smart Card Driving Licences

Applicants for a Smart Card Driving License must meet certain requirements.

  • It is required that candidates be at least 18 years of age to apply for an SCDL for a motorbike with a displacement of over 50cc.
  • Under 50cc, applicants must be 16-years-old. In this scenario, a parent or guardian’s letter of approval is also necessary.
  • In the case of heavy vehicles, the candidate must be at least 18 years old and have finished at least the eighth grade.

Procedure to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Online

Nowadays, if you submit an online application for a Driving license, you will most likely receive it in a smart card form. Here’s how to acquire a new smart card driving license online. It should be noted that this method is for obtaining a new license and not for converting an existing license to a new SCDL.

  • Step 1 Go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Government of India‘s website to get started.
  • Step 2Click on the ‘Driving License Related Services’ option in the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3Next, choose your state and then the RTO.
  • Step 4A Learner’s Permit is assumed. Step 4: Select “New Driving License” from the drop-down box under “Apply Online.” If not, you’ll have to go out and get it.
  • Step 5 Fill up your personal information, submit your documents, upload photographs, and signatures, if necessary, schedule a DL Test time if appropriate, and pay the costs to complete the application process. Also, keep in mind the fact that biometric data will be gathered as part of the procedure in place.
  • Step 6 Visit RTO for the test on the scheduled date and time in the RTO.
  • Step 7 After passing the test, you will receive your SCDL via post.

Required Document for Smart Card Driving License

You will require to provide the following papers when applying for a smart card driving license (SCDL). The application procedure for a Smart Card Driving License will go more smoothly if you have all the essential documentation on hand. The following is a list of documents you will need to obtain your SCDL:

  • Fill out the Smart Card Driving License application form completely.
  • Forms 1A and 1 of the Medical Certificate must be signed by a qualified Government doctor (if applicable).
  • Copies of passport-sized photos
  • Proof of age (any one)
  • Mark sheet for 10th grade.
  • PAN (Personal Identification Number) Card
  • Any school’s diploma can be transferred (with a date of birth printed on it)
  • Passport & Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Address (any one)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Recent utility bills (gas bill/electricity bill or telephone bill)
  • Ration Card
  • Rent Agreement

Residents of other cities may provide a copy of their most recent utility bill as well as their rental agreement as evidence of residence. A note from your company indicating that you live in this city is another option.

Converting an Old DL to a New Smart Card Driving License

It is preferable to convert your paper or plastic DL to the new SCDL, which offers several advantages. Here’s how to upgrade your old paper-based driver’s license to the new smart card version.

Step 1: Go to the RTO closest to you.

Step 2: Request a form for a license update or a Smart Card Driving License.

Step 3: Complete the form and attach any supporting papers.

Step 4: Submit your biometric data.

Step 5: Pay any fees that are due.

Step 6: Save the receipt and keep it until the SCDL arrives.

Step 7: SCDL arrives at the registered location.

Driving licenses with smart cards provide a number of advantages over traditional licenses. How to apply for a new smart card and how to convert your existing driver’s license into a new smart card are all explained here. It’s our sincere wish that you find this information useful.



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