Son Bou Villas

Son Bou Villas

Traditional Food and Drink in Son Bou Villas

When on holiday, we all like to soak up a bit of the local culture, and there is no better way to do this than to sample the local food and drink that the place where we are staying has to offer. When staying in Son Bou villas, there are some delicious foods and drinks that will give you an insight into the culture and taste buds of those from Menorca.

What Sets The Food In Menorca Apart From The Rest?

Food In Menorca

Menorca is very rich in terms of agriculture, so vegetables are deliciously fresh, and the fact that the island is surrounded by seawater which is clean and fresh means that the seafood that is found here is also superb. With every town in Menorca boasting its own cheese-making industry, you will also find that the restaurants around Son Bou Villas have cheese that will make your mouth water.


Seafood - Son Bou Villas

Being an island, it is not surprising that seafood is usually top of the menu when it comes to local delights and, if you’re a seafood lover, Menorca will definitely not disappoint. With fresh, locally caught seafood including mussels, mullet, prawns, squid, sardines, lobster, sea-bass, and sole, you can take your pick as to what you fancy. By far the most popular seafood dish on the island is one which goes way back in time and was once made by local fishermen on their boats – the Caldereta de Langosta, a lobster stew. This can be found in most of the restaurants on the island, so you are sure to find it within a few minutes of Son Bou

Villas, and you can taste the dish that Menorca is famed for.
You can be sure to find a selection of local cuisine a short drive from Son Bou Villas.



Stuffed aubergines are a delicious food that you can sample when staying in Son Bou Villas. Aubergines have their insides scooped out and are stuffed with rice, tomatoes and spices, and sometimes even meat. There are also other dishes that the Menorcan’s use aubergines in and they are very skilled at making meals with these great-tasting vegetables.



Menorcan sausages are not like the ones that you’ll find in supermarkets at home! Made from 99% meat, there are many different types of local sausage to try out when you are staying at Son Bou Villas. Alternatively, you may prefer a leg or shoulder of lamb, which you can find in most of the restaurants on the island and which is absolutely delicious.

Desserts in Son Bou Villas


Desserts are very popular in Menorca, and arguably the most popular of these are almond macaroons or carquinyols. Different pastries are in abundance on the island, and Ensaimada is one that is preferred by many of locals who enjoy it for breakfast. During your stay in Son Bou Villas, you should do this as well; as they say, when in Rome…


Drinks - Son Bou Villas

The locally-made gin, Xoriguer, is popular on the island and you are sure to be able to find it when staying in Son Bou Villas. Different from the gin you will find in most countries, it should be drunk with lemonade, locally made liquor, or neat – or even with tonic!

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