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South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

An Exclusive Travel Guide To South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

Wine Place- Stellenbosch: Getting the best category of wine is surely not easy but with South Africa, there are surely no worries as it is surely one of people’s preferred wine countries in the world. The wines here are extraordinary and certainly affordable and they surely have a taste which one will not experience in any other country.

Yes, it is true that many prefer red wine in general but the white wine of South Africa is surely magical and fun. They have these warm, vanilla-y notes which will enthrall one like no other white wine. Now if you wish to go wine tasting in South Africa, try spending a day in Constantia or one of the suburbs right outside Cape Town. But if you wish to do South African wine country, and then try spending a few days in Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch for you


Just at a distance of one hour, Stellenbosch is a university town right outside Cape Town. It is one of the oldest towns in South Africa and is filled with Afrikaners or people of Dutch descent speaking Afrikaans. And most importantly, it is famous for its wines!

Stellenbosch roughly has a population of 100,000 which is why it is a great size for wandering. The downtown area is surely the home to several top-notch hotels, cafes, shops, and restaurants. And most importantly, the university has a laid-back, youthful atmosphere.

Spending a few days in Stellenbosch

South Africa is an exhausting destination and one certainly needs to take a break. You can admire this country wholeheartedly but remember that there are cautions about safety which one needs to carefully accept. Take on a safari in the place which is awesome and experience the diverse weather of the place.

Traveling can be exhausting and it is a good way to run yourself and feel ragged. So try planning some low-keys right into your itinerary and try chilling out at a beach club in Sicily or day café hopping or taking a photo in Paris.

Now if you are pretty confused about what and how to plan your itinerary and trip to the exclusive place, then here is the way about how you can do it.

Day One: Trip to Stellenbosch’s Best Wineries

Stellenbosch does have some exclusive wineries to offer to the traveling visitors. There are many best places which can be visited with the help of locals.

Place 1: Fairview Wine and Cheese- 

Fairview Wine and Cheese
Fairview Wine and Cheese

At the first sight of Fairview Wine and Cheese, you can see goats hanging out right at the entrance. Actually, they make their own goat cheese here. If you taste the wine, it will be delicious but the cheeses here are much more delicious. Wines are surely good here but the cheese is exemplary. Try sticking to the cheese if you wish to savor it.

Place 2: Spice Route — Savor the food

Spice Route - South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch
Spice Route

Near Paarl, Spice Route is a collection of restaurants and eateries just outside Stellenbosch. There are lots of sections here like cured meats, deli, a pizza place and also not to forget a brewery called Barley and Bilton which will serve beer and biltong. Off course, there is wine tasting also.

Try tasting wines with cured meats and enjoy South African-style pancakes rolled thin like crepes.

Place 3: Waterford — Come here for the chocolate.

Waterford - South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

Waterford is the winery that is recommended by most of the locals in Stellenbosch. It has a luxurious atmosphere giving you the feeling of royalty. The wine is delicious here

Most importantly take part in Waterford chocolate tasting! With three little squares of chocolate, it is surely amazing to curl upright by the fireplace.

Day Two: Hop on to visit several wineries

Try riding the Vinehopper, a luxury van visiting several wineries is the perfect option of visiting several wineries. There are several routes which one can take but the Southern Route is surely one of the best routes one can choose.

Here are Wineries which one can visit:

  • Neethlingshof

Neethlingshof had a modern atmosphere with a perfect dining room for sampling. There are several reds and white wines soothing your taste buds as you want.

  • Spier
Spier - South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

The next destination for you is Spier where you can sample the sparkling rose and a cheese plate. Try buying a bottle of Chenin blanc. Spier is a beautiful place perfect for taking some outdoor photos.

  • Bilton Wines
Bilton Wines - South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch
Bilton Wines

Like Waterford, Bilton Wines is famous for its wine as well as chocolate tasting! Here you can surely get much larger pieces of chocolate than the ones at Waterford. Each one was sure of large size. Try tasting the merlot pairs made with cardamom chocolate.

  • Kleine Zalze

Surely this one is also one of the best places to savor delicious wines as it also offers some of the exclusive types of delicious wines to taste with chocolate.

Day Three: Day trip to Franschhoek

Day trip to Franschhoek
Day trip to Franschhoek

Franschoek is like a mini version of Stellenbosch with French flair nearly 45 minutes away by car. It is surely a smaller town which is filled with galleries, jewelry shops as well as cafes.

Start with some wine right by the fireplace at the restaurant called Dutch East. There you can find some youngest people.

Tasting at Franschoek Cellar is surely fun with six elegant wines and delicious cheeses. Try planning a trip to these places giving you a taste of the unknown in the best way possible.

Try staying in Stellenbosch as it will keep you happy in the best way possible. There are lots of exclusive options for a comfortable stay there.

Day Four: Unusual Stellenbosch Wineries

Stellenbosch Wineries
Stellenbosch Wineries

Kindly do not leave the place without diverging in all sorts of delicious tastings. There are surely some of the exclusive wineries left and then it is important to go to the airport from there. There is surely a perfect way to enjoy the final day in Stellenbosch.

Place 1: Fleur du Cap- Taste the final salt tasting

Fleur du Cap - South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch
Fleur du Cap

Try wine tasting paired with salts in the best way possible. Fleur Du Cap will offer the best tasting giving you a taste of five wines, five salts, and several little dishes for experimenting with salts. One was stuffed grape leaf another was olive paste. One of the exclusive salt to taste and indulge all-time in cooking is Himalayan sea salt. It is surely very much tasty than it is possible and is surely the best to use in cooking.

There was surely another horrified salt by the name of Indian black salt which has a smell like rotten eggs. Trust me; you surely do want to try it. The salt tasting starts at 12:00 PM only and one must surely book in advance.

Place 2: Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm

Cavalli Wine
Cavalli Wine

Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm is one of the most scenic wineries one has visited. The grounds were very beautiful building itself into a modern masterpiece. Here all of the wines are named right after horses. Try tasting few wines with a cheese plate along with a free bottle of wine offered to be taken home.

Now that describes a complete tour to Stellenbosch in the best way possible. Enjoy it in as exclusive away as possible.

Now when you are visiting Stellenbosch, there is certain advice you might need to enjoy your stay like for example places to stay and where to eat.

Here are places where you can stay in Stellenbosch.

To enjoy Stellenbosch in the best way, it is better to stay within or just outside the city center. The way to get around is by walking. Here are some of the recommendations of places for a different budget to stay in downtown Stellenbosch:

If you are looking for various budget accommodations in Stellenbosch, Ikhaya Stellenbosch Backpackers has private rooms, dorms, and apartment-style suites at a very low price and certainly a great location right by the center of town.

If you want a hotel of medium-range, Stellenbosch Hotel has the feel of Bed and Breakfast with amenities of a hotel. Moreover, it is located in the center of town.

If you want something high-end but certainly not so expensive, try Coopmanhuijs Boutique Hotel which is a stylish Stellenbosch boutique hotel with a pool located at the center of town.

And here is the last option, if you wish to blow your budget and you do not care about how much you are spending then try Delaire Graff Lodge, one of the most luxurious properties in the Stellenbosch area.

Where to eat in Stellenbosch

There are many wineries that serve food but for those looking for restaurants in Stellenbosch, here are something which can be enjoyed:

  • The Big Easy: This is an excellent yet affordable dinner place. There are exclusive venison dishes to taste but the most exclusive is parmesan and mushroom risotto.
  • Another popular place in Hudson’s The Burger Joint is a burger chain. Mind you, this restaurant has a New York theme but do not forget to try burgers with bacon jam.
  • Tiger’s Milk is a delicious casual chain that offers great pizzas. Try the pizza combination of Bacon-avocado-feta and most importantly try bacon-avocado feta pizza.
  • The Bird Cage is a café that offers lovely breakfast dishes. Though they specialize in wedding cakes, they offer a wide range of delicious dishes for breakfast.
  • Melissa’s is another food shop that is adorable care and grocery store perfect for breakfast and lunch with adorable pastries.

When to visit Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch can be visited all around the year and is a popular destination. This can be visited in the winter though it is one of the roughest times. But this season can also be fun with every winery having a fireplace. The hotel prices are also low with some days being sunny as well as rainy. Some other popular tine is the fall with new bottles coming in and the summer season.



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