Spending a day in Oslo, Norway

Spending a day in Oslo Norwa

Oslo is the capital of Norway and lies in the southern coast of the country. It is a small city with rich history and offers wide range of sights and activities to do. Oslo is such a place where you can spend several days and yet you would not be able to visit all the spots. A day in Oslo, Norway is a golden moment for both the young and the old. The important news about Oslo is that the Nobel Prize for peace was given from here. And really it is such peaceful city that you cannot hear any load sound of traffic, people speaking loudly and even a baby cry could not be head.

To begin the day you may first start from the City Centre as there are many hotels nearby and you can get there. From here you can get Oslo pass which you can buy for one day, two or three days depending upon the availability of your time. There are many benefits of the Oslo pass, it offers free pass to most of the museums, parks and even free transport facilities. The pass also provides discounts to some restaurants and moreover it contains information about the attraction in the city, like when it opens and closes and where it is. The pass is really an affordable gateway to this expensive city.

Special attractions of Oslo

The city is well known for the museums and green spaces. The history of Oslo comes into life within these numerous sights and museums.

  • To opt for the day, you may start with the Kon tiki museum which is about Thor Heyerdahl. He once crossed the great Pacific Ocean in a small wooden raft that is called Kon tiki. The museum has got original boats, rafts and utensils used by Thor.
  • Next the ancient Akershus Festning Castle that has high walls made of stone and wrought iron gateways is an amazing place to visit. After being there you would feel yourself to be in medieval times.
  • The Emanuel Vigeland Museum is another fascinating museum in the whole world. The museum was previously designed to present murals and the windows are sealed to give it a look like a tomb. This unique place is assured to give you a unique experience.
  • The Norwegian museum of science and technology has many things starting from technology and robots and ending up to the outer space science. Kids would have a nice time there as they will feel excited that would keep them busy.
  • Apart from the museums, you may head for the Tusenfryd Amusement Park at the south of the city. This place offers modern adventures excitement that includes thrilling rides, roller coasters, bumper cars and water slides etc. The speed monster is an interesting thing where you will never feel tired.
  • Frogner is another amusement park where you can spend a day in Oslo, Norway. It is a great place among the outdoor activities of Vigeland Sculpture Park.
  • Beyond the park are the water slides and Frognerbadet swimming pools that provide wet adventure and also summer fun.
  • The Oslo botanical garden is also well deserved where you can walk into the nature and enjoy the region’s flora with its ornate colours and landscaping.
  • To the north of the city is the Meridelan area with hiking trails, big lake and thick forest. It is just a perfect place to burn up some unused energy as well as enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.
  • The Mini Bottle Gallery in Oslo is one of the most gifted places loaded with fun. The gallery is filled with 53000 miniature bottles, filled with everything from worms to berries

Oslo is surrounded by abundant wooded areas unlike the major urban centres. It is an awesome place for travellers and can be easily reached by public transportation. Oslo should never be missed as an adventure destination through Scandinavia. The uniqueness and richness of the Scandinavian architecture is the thing that can be enjoyed in this town. Oslo is the perfect place of ancient history as well as modern facilities that makes it ideal for spending your valuable vacation.

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