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Sweden tourist attraction

Sweden tourist attraction

Sweden tourist attraction

Sweden tourist attraction

Sweden tourist attraction

Sweden tourist attraction

Oceans of experience – Sweden tourist Attraction

Sweden these days has become the tourist’s paradise. If you an out-door traveller then Sweden tourist attraction has so much to offer. Probably it is hard to beat the stunning beauty of this place such as crystal clear water and air as well. Land spread all the way with forests and majestic lakes to unfold, the nicely built road, transport, and citizens always welcome tourists with a greeting and a warm smile. Moreover, Sweden delicious cuisine has marked a unique place in tourism planet. Sweden Tourist Attraction has so many beautiful places and things that catch a large number of visitors every year.

Some out-standing spots present by Sweden Tourist Attraction;

Vasa Museum

The most famed place of Sweden Vasa Museum attracts millions of visitors every year. Approximately 20 million travellers have experienced this place since it opened in 1990. This museum has preserved the Sweden Vasa battleship from the 17th century which is main attraction point here. The ideal time to unfold this place is during months of June to August.

Are Ski Resort

Are ski Resort situated in the Jamtland, is the most thrilling sports site during winters. It presents 100 slopes and even more than 40 ski lifts, especially for ski lovers to make their trip memorable. The perfect time to catch this location during winters, as the whole area is covered with snow and provides a fun loving environment for visitors. This zone is mostly preferred by adventure seekers to fulfil their dream of doing ski on the fresh ice.


The Fairytale Drottningholm destination is located 11 kilometres to the west of Stockholm city centre, but this distance can’t stop tourists to experience the beauty of this site. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site presents some of the magnificent picturesque, terraced parks, bronze sculptures are the main sight of attraction for tourists. The ground mainly opens for public and visitors to explore its stunning greenery, the Chinese pavilion in the gardens with most alluring architectural work will surely impress you.

Icehotel – Sweden tourist attraction

Icehotel is a most popular place of attraction from the Sweden Tourist Attraction. The incredible Icehotel is located near small village Jukksjarvi. The entire hotel is reconstructed with ice and snow blocks from the nearby river. Apart from another luxury hotel, this Icehotel is the superb way of staying at Sweden, provide a unique and once in a lifetime experience to tourists. The bar is sculpture from ice and glasses are made up of ice furs, animals skins and special quality sleeping bags are ensured to provide the perfect temperature to guests. The best time to unfold this uniqueness between December and April.

Liseberg Theme Park

Liseberg Theme park is the well-accepted destination, each year the park filled with millions of visitors. The park offers a various range of joyful activities like kid’s carousels, a fairytale castle, bumper cars and four roller coasters to provide tourists with a thrilling experience and make their day perfect. During the Christmas, Liseberg Theme park hosts the amazing market offers plenty of places to eat, purchase lovely flowers during summer time. For the best experience, you must take a ride on the Big Wheel, however, the park also hosts a concert in summer which is the most joyful time for their visitors.

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