Swedish naval base

Swedish naval base

Swedish naval base: The naval branch of the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Royal Navy is comprised of two group- the Royal Fleet and the Amphibious Corps. Sweden has got two naval bases- the Karlskrona naval base and Muskö naval base. From the time of the World War II to the present day the Swedish Navy has become more disciplined and deadly.

During the early times of 9th–14th centuries AD. Swedish kings began to organise a Royal Navy along the coastline.At that time, this unit consisted of a combination of rowing and sailing ships and that without artillery. As days passed technology advanced and politics deepened making the naval base more powerful both in defence and in the offence.

Here are the two naval bases of Sweden:

Karlskrona örlogsbas or the Karlskrona naval base

The Karlskrona naval base is the largest naval base of Sweden. It is situated in Blekinge in the southern part of Sweden. The base shares a close tie with the city of Karlskrona. The location provides an exceptionally well-sheltered place. Arcs of islands helps in forming a strong defence both from the attacks from sea and also from the land. The Marinmuseum and the Ropewalk situated here is the longest wooden building in Sweden. After the Scanian War that lasted between 1675–1679 peace accords were finally signed between Sweden and Denmark. Then after King Charles XI of Sweden made a tour in the country’s eastern part, the Blekinge archipelago. King Charles XI decided to construct “Karlskrona” a city on the island of Trossön. The prime reason behind this construction was to provide the Swedish Navy with a permanent naval base closer to their counterpart Denmark, The enmity between Sweden and Denmark has been throughout the 17th century. A shipyard was in need for the construction and repair of Swedish ships. Supply of depots and barracks was also needed. Unlike the base in Stockholm, the naval base in Karlskrona had the advantage of being ice-free during winters. Quartermaster general Erik Dahlbergh laid forth the plan for the base in 1683, and two years later the construction started. In 1680, the city of Karlskrona received its privileges.

Muskö Naval Base

The island of Muskö which is to the south of Stockholm which falls under Haninge Kommun or Haninge Municipality holds Sweden’s underground naval facility at Muskö Naval Base. Started in 1950, the construction of the naval base took 19 years to complete. More about 1.6 million tons of rock had to be removed during the construction. Mainly designed for destroyers and submarines the naval base got 3 docks. The underground base is like a village down below and is connected by miles of underground roads. The underground facility was a place of high secret during the Cold war. In 2004 the Government of Swedish decided that the country’s navy should be bound within two bases- the Karlskrona Naval Base and the Berga Naval Base. Much of this Muskö base was closed. At present only some parts of the facility are accessible by the Swedish military.

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