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Tarapith Mandir

Tarapith Mandir

Tarapith Mandir

Tarapith Mandir

Tarapith Mandir

Experience the Amazing Purity- Tarapith Mandir

The holy religious place, Tarapith Mandir is located in village Tarapur in West Bengal. This ancient and considered to be the promising place especially for Hindus is near the Dwarka river. This temple is the most precious place to worship in India. A marble structure covered with rooftop called do chalk and the four sides of the temple are the famous and attractive sites to explore. The thick walls of the temple are made up of red bricks which give a unique look to this place, make it an interesting place for tourists to visit. Tarapith mandir has a very interesting historical past related to Hindu god and goddesses, which make it more interesting site for travelers, along with this, this temple is special due to the cremation ground near this place which considered it as a rare place. For devotes and visitors, two images of Ma Tara are displayed in the chamber, a stone of Ma Tara with silver crowned holding Lord Shiva is a unique and mindblowing thing in its own way. Including the strong historical past and interesting things, this place has so much to offer to its tourists.
Some places to explore near Tarapith Mandir;

Birchandrapur Temple

The birthplace of Nityananda Swami, Birchandrapur Temple is a ritual and one the famous temple. The hexagonal shape of this temple is the unique and wonderful thing to watch here during your trip to Tarapith Mandir. The 300 years old history of this temple makes it one the most visited place among tourists. Except for fun-loving or Adventurous people this place more dominant for his interesting history and also mainly visited by a large number of devotees and people who love to explore history.

Tarapith Maha Sasan

Tarapith Maha Sasan is the propitious place you will find near Tarapith Temple. The Tantric rituals are performed here which is the main thing of attraction for visitors. It is said that Goddess Tara superior here in the appearance of twinkling light. If you want to look back to the historical pages of this place then it is the best location for you to unfold.

Bamakhyapa Temple

As soon as you enter the Tarapith Mandir area you will get to know about the well known Pink Temple, Bamakhyapa Temple. This pink color temple is said to be dedicated to Saint Bamakhyapa, as the tomb and Samadhi are lie outside the temple where a large number of devotees offer prayers. If you are a devote and interested in exploring the historical sites, Bamakhyapa Temple is for you

Accommodation at Tarapith Mandir

If you are planning a trip to Tarapith mandir and its nearby area, you can visit at any time. The nearest airport service, By Road and Train service is always available 24 hours for visitors. Tarapith mandir location has a wide range of budget options available for accommodation, many hotels are located near busy lanes and around this whole place, around 69 hotels are available for visitors to stay and make a wonderful visit to the Tarapith Mandir.

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