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Tata Tea Museum Munnar in Kerala

Tata Tea Museum Munnar in Kerala

Tata Tea Museum Munnar in Kerala

Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers featured with green valleys and orange plantations. The Tata Tea Museum Munnar was established in the year 2005 in the town of Idukki in the Southern state of Kerala. Munnar has a great history in the world of tea production and due to this, it attracts huge tourists from all over the world. Situated at the Nalluthani Estate of Munnar, the museum depicts machinery and photographs regarding the history of tea production from the past to the present. There is also a legacy of those hard workers who have given their best to make the tea plantations live longer. The records of the journey of the tea plantations with a history of improvement from time to time are kept in this museum.

Belongings of the Museum

The district of Idukki underwent a turning point in the history of tea production thereby given rise to this museum so that generations come to know about how the industry flourished. The museum serves as homage for the pioneer who all contributed to the betterment of the tea estate in Kerala. Following are some depictions of the museum.

  • The evolution of ordinary tea roller to that of present-day automated tea machine is seen here.
  • Stages of how tea was being processed from time to time are shown that includes the production of black tea too.
  • In the year 1920, they used the ‘Pelton Wheel’ for generating power plant. This one is also present there.
  • The ancient sundial used in the year 1913 could be seen.
  • There is a room where are varieties of teas are demonstrated is another major attraction.
  • You can also notice a rail engine wheel that used to run between Munnar and nearby stations by the year 1924.
  • There are some office equipment and classic furniture of the Colonial period of the state.
  • The museum also displays a burial urn of the 2nd century that was found at Periakanal Tea estate.
  • There is a counter in the museum that sells varieties of herbal tea which you can buy to taste the flavor of Munnar.

Useful information of Tata Tea Museum Munnar

The museum is kept open from 9 in the morning till 4 in the evening. And it is to be noted that the museum remains closed on Mondays of every week. It is also closed on Good Friday every year. So plan your trip accordingly. The museum could be reached easily from the town of Munnar in Nalluthani Estate. The nearby railway station is Aluva located at a distance of 112 km and the nearest airport stands at a distance of 72 km from the spot which is Cochin International Airport. State buses are available from various locations to Munnar. The museum charges 75 INR as entry fee for adults and 35 INR for children below 12 years. Photography is allowed inside the museum but for that, you need to pay 20 INR. It takes approximate one and the half hour to visit the entire museum. Follow the tips to enter there like not to touch any items and to maintain silence inside.

It is the best place for tea lovers. After entering the museum you could smell tea all around. You can spot how tea is processed and grinding from green tea leaves. If you want you can have a hot cup of fresh tea and also take some ground herbal tea for home. The tea museum of Munnar is one of the world-famous museums of Tata companies. Now you can quench your thirst to know all about tea plantation, industry, and history.

The Tata Tea Museum Munnar is also known as Kannan Devan Hills Plantation (KDHP) Tea Museum. There are many other places to visit in Munnar but apart from picturesque hills and awesome weather, the museum is a unique destination to know the history of tea. You can visit there at any time of the day within the visiting hours. And it is best to go there in the winter season. So next time you are in Munnar do not miss the opportunity to learn about the most wanted beverages in our daily life, tea.


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