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Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2018

Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2018

Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2018

Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2018

Tatkal ticket booking rules

Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2018

Tatkal ticket booking rules and guidelines from 2020

Basically tickets are booked three to four months before going for a tour. Tatkal ticket booking means booking the mode of transportation preferably train just before a day or two prior to travelling. It is done on an urgent basis. Every year in every season we start booking trains, flights and hotels to spend holidays to some out-of-station places. May be it is summer season, winter or rainy there are places differentiated based on seasons. Like in the hot days we would like to go in the hills and in the rainy season we want to go to sea or some dry romantic regions. Winter season is the best time to spend vacations in almost all kinds of destinations. Before we start for packing our bags and decide where to go here is a review on the new tatkal ticket booking rules. As per the recently declared rules by the IRCTC (Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation) the following list has been written. It is necessary to stay aware of the system before planning any tour.

  • Six tickets can be booked in a month from a single user ID. And through an Adhaar card 12 tickets can be booked in a single month.
  • It is necessary to book tatkal tickets one day prior to the date of travelling. For booking in an AC the booking timing starts from 10 AM and those who want to book for the sleeper class then the timing starts from 11 am
  • According to the introduction of the new rules and guidelines one can ask for refunding the full amount in case the train is running late for more than three years behind the original timing.
  • A refund can also be claimed if the train is redirected and your boarding station does not fall on the new train route.
  • Sometimes Indian trains change their route at the very last moment. A complete refund can be claimed if the train changes its route or the routes get diverted. There is always a way out to cancel your tickets and claim for refunding if you are not interested to take a detour.
  • In some cases it has been seen that the air conditioned couches are not attached with the train, then you can claim the full amount if you do not want to board in the non AC couches. And if you are okay with the second class compartments then definitely you must claim the extra amount you have for the AC couches.
  • An authorised tour agent does not have the permission to book tickets in the first thirty minutes so make sure to book tickets as soon as the window gets opened.
  • You should not take much time to complete the booking process. It takes a few seconds to fill up the details.
  • There are two schemes introduced by the IRCTC, Pay on delivery and e pay letter. You have the option to pay through any of the schemes.
  • Before getting ready to fill up the tatkal ticket form you need to arrange your mobile phone and login banking details as there is only 10 seconds to make the payment.
  • Based on the new tatkal ticket booking rules, you need to give answer to a security question when you would be given the form to fill up your personal details.

Online as well as offline facilities are available and you can get these tickets with the help of the travel agents. During pick up travel seasons many public face a lot of difficulties to book tatkal tickets so this year on 2018, government of India has introduced certain guidelines to avoid discrepancy. Now you can make your travel smooth and free from problems by following the above rules. IRCTC is an online portal from where you can easily book your ticket rather than standing in queues. Agents are not allowed in this portal. It is applicable only for individuals and the process is fast and easy. The charges can be as less as ten to maximum five hundred depending upon the distance you would cover in kilometres. So take the initiative to book for your happy journey.

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