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The Best lip smacking 5 ice creams

Ice creams are nowadays getting popular due to its different flavour and yummy taste. Basically we prefer ice creams in summer to get some relief from the dry hot weather. But now ice creams are favoured by the youngsters in winters and monsoon too. Children as well as adults want to have a bite of ice cream anywhere and anytime. Ice cream Cones, cups, balls and sticks are found in stores that has taken an important place in the food chart of people. The quality ice cream is made by brands that are very famous and we all know most of their names. With the wide range of varieties in texture, taste and colour it becomes difficult for us to make a selection. Here are 5 ice creams that are tasty and healthy too.


It is known as the taste of India as it is derived from the diary products and is the most genuine and trustworthy brand. It has the greatest distribution channel as compared to other brands of the country. The brand uses pure dairy products with awesome flavour and there is no vanspati used in these products which is very harmful for our health. From children to old people, this is a brand of all age favourite. The amul ice cream has a pure taste of milk and besides taste it has a great nutritional value too.

Kwality walls

This is another renowned brand that manufactures frozen desserts of different flavours starting from cone ice creams to cups and bars. It is now a part of the Hindustan Unilever. The name of the brand Kwality Walls has been created by merging two other companies that is Great Britain and India. Cornetto, cones and feast are extremely favourite stuffs of the youngsters. You can find products of this brand in stores across India.


This famous brand, a branch of the Kwality Walls has recently been brought into the market and has gained huge popularity not only in India but in other countries too. It is actually owned by the British Uniliver company. It has vast varieties of flavours that includes almond, chocolate, caramel, nuts, strawberry, vanilla and many more. It started its magic in the year 1992 and till now it has explored uncountable varieties. In the recent years, Magnum has fulfilled the demand of the ice cream lovers with extraordinary innovative recipes, made out of premium ingredients carrying the brand name on every package. For the pure pleasures seekers, Magnum is surely the ultimate choice.


It is one of the best ice creams companies that arrived in the market since last ten years and after then became consumers’ delight. It has invented new various combinations rarely found with the other brands in the market. Lip smacking products such as kesar kulfi roll cut, double crush( a combination bar of vanilla and strawberry), matka kulfi, irish creamy delight and fun spin cream has emerged as delightful flavours that is swirling on the top.


The Havmor Brand has been awarded for nine consecutive years from the year 2009 to 2017 by the times food award. This brand is filled with purity, truthfulness and goodness because of which it has won the greatest number of awards in ‘the great Indian ice cream contest’ season 5. They do not compromise with quality. Every quarter of the year the brand introduce new seasonal flavour to bring innovative and always something new to the customers. The variant flavours like ice cream pastry, choco nutty, blockbuster ice cream has brought joy and fun to its lovers.

These 5 ice creams brands are all time favourite. Season, weather and ages do not matter when it comes to ice creams. Whether it is placing orders for bulk party or spending a quality time with your valentine, ice creams must be there on every occasion. There are many cheap low quality ice cream products in the market that is made from vanaspati which is commonly called dalda. Those increase the bad cholesterol in your body. So you should be aware to avoid those products. There are various renowned brands that offer quality products. So if ice creams are your favourites then you should go for the best ones.

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