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Things To Do In Austin

Things To Do In Austin

Things To Do In Austin

Austin is one of the most diverse cities as far as population goes. The University of Texas contributes a lot to this as well with a booming population over the last 10 years. There are so many things to do in Austin that appeal to nearly every single walk of life.

Trying some Texas barbeque is essential as Austin boasts some of the highest-rated BBQ restaurants in the entire country. Along with the barbeque, there is a large number of diverse restaurants which has turned Austin into a bit of a foodie town. There are some of the best food trucks in the United States that frequent downtown Austin. There are food trucks out until all hours of the night near 6th Street which is known for its party and music scene.

There are state parks and city parks all around Austin that boast some beautiful views. Those near Lake Travis are exquisite but so are the prices for the homes that have these views. Austin is beautiful as it also has natural springs that can be played in as well as certain rivers that appear during the rainy season. Going out to Zilker Park for some disc golf is what you will see many of the locals doing. There are a few disc golf courses in the area that provide some intensely hard shots even for those considered experts.

Staying active in Austin is something that it seems that all of the locals do. Whether it is a Crossfit gym in Austin or just going for a run, this is the perfect place to stay fit and active. With all of the parks and large hills, there are plenty of places to go for long hikes which can sure be a great workout.  Going on vacation in Austin does not mean that you can slack off on your workout routine, go for a run or swim while you are heard as you won’t regret it.

Going to Austin is an experience in itself regardless of your tastes. A city with as much art and history can not only live up to the name but for many visitors to surpass it. What are some of your favorite things to do when you visit Austin?


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