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10 Cool Things To Do In Bolivia

10 Cool Things To Do In Bolivia

10 Cool Things To Do In Bolivia

Things To Do In Bolivia

10 Cool Things To Do In Bolivia

10 Cool Things To Do In Bolivia

Bolivia can be described as an enticing secret that lures you to explore it. Each year, thousands of Bolivia tourists go to explore a culture that is deep-rooted in Latin American heritage.

Although development has taken place and tall imposing buildings tower the horizon of the country’s capital, La Paz, it is the profound and palpable whispers of nature that make Bolivia scenic heaven while backpacking South America. Long bus rides on mountainous routes, traveling by jeep through desolate rocky areas only adds to the mystique of this beautiful place.

The indigenous meeting of the European culture adds a certain flavor to the whole surrounding which is quite pleasant for the Bolivia tourist. The terrain is breathtaking and the transition between the high mountains to thick, dense jungles is nothing short of amazing in terms of backpacking South America.

The Bolivia tourist has numerous sites to visit while backpacking South America. There are plenty of things to do in Bolivia. These Bolivia tourist attractions add to the grandeur of the country making backpacking in South America a worthwhile experience. Some of the things to do in Bolivia have been listed below:

1:   Death Road (El Camino de la Muerte)

Death Road - Things To Do In Bolivia

This bike trail is a major tourist attraction in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz. Mountain bikers from all over the world consider this an adventurous yet dangerous road that provides thrills during a biking or hiking trip. It can be considered as one of the must-do things while backpacking in South America, especially Bolivia. The track is 63 kilometers long and mostly downhill, which means it requires concentration throughout the hike.

2:   Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats Bolivia)

Salar de Uyuni

The salt flats of Bolivia are another landscape that is truly unique to Bolivia. The salt flats of Bolivia present the world with an area spanning well over 4000 square miles. Located in the southern part, the salt flats of Bolivia came into formation after transformation and changes to the original lakes that were present here. The crust is purely made from salt which is amazing in its own capacity. These salt flats are a major Bolivia tourist attraction, especially for those backpacking South America. Since the area is far away from any developed city, a number of hotels made from salt blocks are present near the salt flats of Bolivia.

3:   Cristo de la Concordia

Cristo de la Concordia - Things To Do In Bolivia

This huge statue of Jesus Christ is another must-visit area for Bolivia tourists. The monument stands atop Cerro de San Pedro. You can travel to the top of the statue by either using the footpath which starts from the base of the statue or taking a cable car which is inexpensive. The view from the top is absolutely stunning and provides a clearer view of the skyline.

#4:   Mercado Cancha Calatayud

Mercado Cancha Calatayud

One of the most famous marketplaces present in Bolivia is La Cancha located in Cochabamba. The Bolivia tourist can find everything in these markets at very decent rates. Traditional items, such as local dresses are also on display.

#5:   Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco - Things To Do In Bolivia

Located on the top of El Prado, this church provides a walk down memory lane with building styles that are reminiscent of the native culture. If you are interested in architecture, this is a must-visit location.

#6:   Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

This lake is 121 miles long and runs a trail down the old Inca civilization routes. It holds the record for being the highest navigable lake present in the world. Although it takes time to complete this journey, it is definitely a prime location to visit.

7:   Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi - Things To Do In Bolivia

Trekking in Bolivia is a highlight of backpacking in South America. Huayna Potosi is a breathtaking and memorable climb for a Bolivia tourist. The scenery is exhilarating and the surrounding nature provides an environment that is completely devoid of any exploitation or urbanization.

8:   Valley of the Moon

Valley of the Moon

Located near the capital, La Paz, this site has been transformed into a valley. Not being an original valley, the constant erosion and breaking up of hills give the Valley of the Moon a mysterious yet majestic look.

9:   Tiahuanacu

Tiahuanaco - Things To Do In Bolivia

An archeological wonder in the process of being excavating – the Tiahuanacu site dates back to pre-Inca civilization with ruins providing historical awareness for those who visit it. The whole trip is a worthwhile experience that adds to the diversity of Bolivia.

10:   Parque Nacional Amboró

Parque Nacional Amboró

This park presents a very unique and diverse case of being divided into two separate regions based on the climate. The northern Amazon region is warmer whereas the southern part is much cooler. A trek in this dense forest provides plenty of adventure and also gives the opportunity of camping out in nature. Buena Vista, a village present in this park serves as a base camp for all treks and provides various facilities for the Bolivia tourist.


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