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Things to Do in Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir

5 Interesting Things to Do in Kashmir & Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Kashmir

Kashmir is India’s indispensable jewel and an exceptionally beautiful place. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations attracting people all over the world with its magnificent aura. People come again and again to relish its amazing weather, food, culture, and landscape of course.

Kashmir is not just for sightseeing, but also a great option for adventure sports, spiritual break, and for experiencing a delightful time away from the madness of the metro city.

So if you are planning to visit Kashmir and wondering how you can make your trip totally worth it, then go through the following list of some interesting activities and plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Golfing

Golfing improves your mind
Golfing improves your mind

If you want to enjoy the exotic landscapes along with some fun activities, then you must go golfing. This is not very exhaustive yet a lively sport. There are a couple of famous golf clubs in Kashmir which offer short courses for you to learn and practice. With world-class infrastructure, surrounded by huge pine and chinar trees, and an enticing breeze, one can have a great time golfing in Kashmir. Summer is generally the best time to enjoy golfing.

  1. Skiing 

Skiing in India

If you are holidaying in Kashmir, you just cannot miss out on skiing. Unlike simulated skiing chambers, it is a totally different experience. Encircled with snow all around, falling and playing with snowballs, it’s the most fun activity you can enjoy with friends and family. Kashmir has one of the best ski resorts and you can easily learn this sport from scratch. After all, it is a must-to-do activity for all adventure lovers. Recommended time for skiing is from December to March.

  1. Canoeing 

Canoeing - Things to Do in Kashmir

It is an adventurous activity which is becoming popular in the past few years. It originally started as a way of transport, however, it is now gaining the importance of a water sport. You can either feel the thrill of rough water waves or simply enjoy the calm waters depending on the nature of the water and lake you choose. The three most popular lakes of Kashmir; Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, and Wular Lake provide this water activity. A canoe can generally take not more than three people at once. The best season to enjoy this sport is from May to June and from September to October.

  1. Fishing

Fishing in Kashmir

Trout fishing is a very interesting activity especially if you happen to do it on Dal Lake. You will find a number of brown and rainbow trout in lakes and streams. In case you have no idea how to start with fishing, you can simply learn it from trainers in almost no time. Fishing is recommended to be a very calm and relaxing activity. It is truly enjoyable and also helps in de-stressing. The best time to go fishing in Kashmir valley is from April to October.

  1. Bird Watching

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

Enough of adventure; it is now time to sit back and spend some quality time with nature. This is surely going to be unmatchable to any other sport or adventurous activity. Kashmir has the rarest of birds some of which are local while some are migratory. You can also capture them on your DSLR and enjoy photographing nature and its scenic beauty. Apart from birds like the European blue vulture, bar-headed geese, and black crane, there are a few more species of ducks as well.

There are as many as 500 species of birds that have been recorded so far. The most interesting part of the bird watching activity is to identify and spot the bird yourself using a manual or a guide. Some of the things that you must keep with you for this activity are a notebook, pen, and a pair of binoculars. Since birds generally flock to lakes, rivers, and streams, therefore places like Dal, and Wular lakes are the most recommended to explore this activity.

The magnificent beauty and miraculous weather of Kashmir will anyway steal your heart the moment you reach it. The aura of this place is such that being there not just incites you to undertake such interesting activities but also relaxes you from within. It cannot be described enough in words, but Kashmir is indeed a heaven on earth.

Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those holiday spots that provide different themes for vacations. It is mainly supposed to be perfect romantic getaways for couples and honeymooners. However, Kashmir has a lot to offer to be an adventurous holiday spot. It is also a suitable place for a pilgrim of Amarnath. Kashmir too has relatively diverse wildlife, an important facet that is often ignored by the tourists here. Kashmir wildlife is one of the major attractions of the valley. The rich and exotic wildlife of Kashmir valley is surviving due to the Himalayas which is home to some of the rarest species of birds and animals. The land boasts of a variety of geographical regions and enjoys pleasant weather leading to the inhibition of unusual wildlife in the region. Explore the places in Kashmir where you can experience wildlife.

Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park

Rich in fauna and home to twenty species of mammals, Dachigam National Park is situated in the Srinagar district. The park covers almost half of Dal Lake’s catchment area and enjoys a dazzling view of the surroundings. The wildlife of the park boasts of leopard, marmot, black bear, langur, Himalayan brown bear, musk deer, and many more. The park also boasts of more than 150 species of birds that are rarely found in any other part of India. With more than 50 species of trees, 20 of shrubs, and 500 species of herbs, the park turns into an ideal place for enjoying wildlife in Kashmir. It features the endangered species of deer, Hangul. To meet with these rare animals, visit Srinagar and indulge in the most beautiful experience of life.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Situated southwest of Srinagar, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is home to a number of rare and exotic species of animals. With rich flora and fauna, it appeals to a number of tourists to Kashmir. Most part of the park has the governance of rich greenery due to the spread of the vegetation. Along with some of the endangered and sheltered species of animals and birds inhabit, it also features different varieties of herbs and shrubs. The rich wildlife consists of Black Bear, Brown Bear, Serow, Leopard, Musk Deer, Hangul, Leopard, and Red Fox.

Overa Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the southeast of Srinagar, Overa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some of the exotic, endangered, and protected species of birds and animals. The sanctuary has all the features of mesmerizing landscapes, grass-clad hills, and stunning valleys. It is home to several birds and animals. The sanctuary has some mixed and outstanding species of pheasants. A few of those are the Himalayan snowcock, monal, chukar, and Koklass. It houses 13 species of animals and 80 species of birds.

Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve

With the presence of a number of species of unusual and protected species, Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve turns into a perfect appeal for visitors to Kashmir. Situated southeast of Srinagar, the biosphere reserve is rich in rare animals and avian life. The special inhabitants of the reserve are Brown Bear, Hangul, Leopard, Musk Deer, Snow Cock, Monal, and Koklass. There are various different species of birds that can be spotted in this reserve.



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