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Things to Do in Munich

Things to Do in Munich

Things to Do in Munich

Things to Do in Munich

Things to Do in Munich

6 Things to Do in Munich

When you plan to visit Munich, try not to limit your thoughts to Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus only, because beer is just one (even though important) part of the story! This modern city, the third-largest city in Germany, has a small-town Bavarian temperament, an appealing low-key approach to life, loads of interesting places to visit and so many exciting things to do, that you may be a bit confused from where to start. Whether you choose to stay at one of the luxury hotels overlooking Marienplatz, or at one of Munich’s cheap hotels, here is a list of the unmissable 6 things to do in Munich during your stay. 

1. Relax at Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten - Things to Do in Munich

Englischer Garten, the English Garden, is reachable by Odeonsplatz underground stop. This is the green lung of the city. Here everything is possible: surfing along streams, swimming in the lakes and there’s also an area reserved for the practice of naturism. Walking in the garden, don’t miss the Japanische Teehaus, a building given by the Japanese government, and the Greek-style Chinesischer Turm temple, which also houses a restaurant.

2. Visit the Neues Rathaus and the Altes Rathaus

Neues Rathaus

The Neues Rathaus and the Altes Rathaus are the new and old Town Hall on Marienplatz in Munich. You should visit them in the morning, at 11 or at noon (in summer also at 5 pm) when the Glockenspiel, a chime clock, strikes the hours out: lovely figurines start their dance to the delight of tourists, who do not know that dance is an ancient gesture to ward off the plague.

3. Chat with the Devil in Munich Frauenkirche

Munich Frauenkirche - Things to Do in Munich

The Munich Frauenkirche has a brick facade with two 99 meters towers that give it an austere appearance. Inside, there is a tile with ‘The Mark of the Devil’: legend has it that the architects of the time challenged the Devil by declaring that they would build a building without windows. When he went to check, he was astonished and struck his foot against the tile leaving the impression. But he was deceived: from that point, you cannot see the windows because they’re hidden by the towers.

4. Go Shopping in Marienplatz

Go Shopping in Marienplatz

Marienplatz and shopping are virtually synonymous. The square is home to a large market, Virtualienmarkt, and is a meeting point for young people and tourists alike. But on the perimeter of the square and along the streets around there are shops, boutiques, shopping centers, beautiful handicraft shops, and delis. From Marienplatz branches out Kaufingerstrasse, the main shopping street of Munich. A very trendy and fashionable area is that around Gärtnerplatz.

5. Admire Science at the Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Munich. It is one of the finest science museums in the world, displaying pieces ranging from minerals to new technologies, from means of transport to biology, physics, and astronomy, with artifacts from ancient times to the present day. Ideal for kids and children. The museum can be reached by S-Bahn station Isador.

6. Walk Through the District-Museum Kunstareal

District-Museum Kunstareal - Things to Do in Munich

Not to be missed, in Munich, is also the district-museum Kunstareal. Here you will find three art galleries with works by artists of the Italian Renaissance, and up to Andy Warhol; the Lenbachhaus, a museum dedicated to the art of the late 19th century; the Glyptothek and the Staatliche Antikensammlungen, with collections of ancient works from the Greek and Roman periods.



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