Things to See While Traveling In the Middle East

Although the Middle East has always featured on BBC, CNN for all the wrong reasons, it still remains one of the most intriguing parts of the world to visit. Hosting some of the most iconic skylines and ancient architecture, the Middle East has perfectly blended the contemporary and traditional sophistication making it a must-see destination. Contrary to the many travel advisories that are usually issued to British nationals, some parts of the Middle East are perfectly safe to visit. Below is an overview of interesting places you can always visit while in the Middle East.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai - Things to See While Traveling In the Middle East

A visit to the Middle East isn’t complete without a visit to this magnificent grand luxurious city. Hosting currently the tallest structure in the world, the Bud Khalifa, the largest man-made beach and the largest mall in the world, Dubai is undoubtedly a city of superlatives whilst giving you the perfect view of the world’s most splendid waterfront. This great modern metropolis is growing bigger and bigger by the day and offers a glimpse of what to expect in future cities.

Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusalem is associated with the three main monotheistic faiths in the universe: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and being in this marvelous city is like going back to nearly 3000 years ago. Irrespective of your religion, you won’t help being fascinated by the architectural designs and mode of living at this place, as you go through the maze alleys.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi - Things to See While Traveling In the Middle East
Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates capital also trying to outdo Dubai to become the ultimate destination in the Middle East. Despite developing at an incredible rate, the Emirate is also preserving its enthralling past making it a destination of distinction. Home to Worlds fastest roller coaster situated at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and world-renowned Fl racecourse Yas Marina circuit you are guaranteed a lifetime experience. The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque offers a perfect ambiance for meditation whilst learning the culture and religion of this particular Emirate.

Doha, Qatar


Situated on the Arabian Sea on the East coast of the Qatar Peninsula, Doha is popularly referred to as the 5111New Dubai’ and is synonymous with grand hotels, breathtaking skylines, and world-class tourists attractions such as the Museum of the Islamic Arts and Doha zoo. Experience the rich diverse Arabic cuisine from Iran, Morocco, and Lebanon to mention a few at Doha vibrant shopping market, Souq Waqif. Ultimately relax at Doha Corniche overlooking the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea also offering an ideal place for picnicking.

Manama, Bahrain


With its signature landmark the Bab al-Bahrain the all Gateway to Bahrain’, Manama has lots to offer. From the Bahrain National Museum to AI-Faith Mosque to Belt AI-Quran, Bahrain offers an array of attractions particularly to those interested in learning the history of the Islamic religion. The Bahrain National Museum is irrefutably the best place to start your intriguing experience while in Bahrain. The AI-Faith mosque gives a comprehensive history of the Islamic Religion and is the largest building in the country capable of hosting more than 7000 worshippers. Similarly, the Belt AI-Quran offers an insight into the Islamic religion as it houses a number of manuscripts and wood carvings and a collection of Qurans. And if you have always been fascinated by the Islamic calligraphy and you’ve always wanted to learn, the Belt AI-Quran offers a good introduction to it and Islam in general, so ensure you apply for your Bahrain visa. Bahrain visas can be applied electronically without necessarily visiting the embassy and they are also issued within a short duration.

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