Budget Friendly Yet Unique Experiences In Ecuador

Top 5 Budget Friendly Yet Unique Experiences In Ecuador

The term Ecuador usually brings the thought of the exclusive yet splendid Galapagos Islands. The beauty in itself attracts a lot of travelers from all across the globe. There are lots of attractions which might get sidelined because of these splendors. There was a number of travelers who were heading north right to Colombia from Peru and they have excellently decided to skip the country entirely given there was so much else there.

Well, there were very wrong. Just think, if you are running short of budget and are not being able to make it to Galapagos (which is very costly could have cost $800 each for a week), then what should you do? There are lots of secrets which you can enjoy in the most exclusive way possible.

Ten weeks in the country, you can cycle; hike, and then travel by bus lost from the countryside in the Andean hills to the glacier-topped volcanoes to sun-kissed fishing villages which are stretched right along the coast as well as to the beginnings of the Amazon rainforest.

If you are on a budget, here are five beautiful experiences any traveler on a budget can exclusively enjoy in Ecuador.

  1. Enjoying A Hike Right Around The Quilotoa Loop

Hike Right Around The Quilotoa Loop - Unique Experiences In Ecuador

There are some travel experiences never to be forgotten. Hiking along the Quilotoa Loop is surely one of the best options. Hiking along this track is not an easy option. Hikers need to travel for five days nearly with small packs right on their backs, hiking can be done for four nights as well as five days right around the Quilotoa Loop. Explore high up in the Andean hills with traversing rivers on the rope bridges and then wandering through rush green or verdant valleys. There is a volcano with Crater Lake with the option of getting to know Quechua communities and you can stay in cozy hostels creating excellent memories.

The cost is very pretty low at just $19.7. If you are a fan of exclusive beautiful sceneries there is no reason to miss this opportunity.

  1. Cycling And Climbing Cotopaxi

Conquering volcanoes can surely give one an exclusive feeling. Right across Latin America, there are various volcanoes to enjoy but Cotopaxi offers an utterly different experience. This exclusive spot is one of the beautiful spots in the whole region of Ecuador. There is a glacier topped volcano which is dominating the scenery with waterfalls, lakes various wild horses that will canter the grassy plains.

One can take a day trip from Quito then hike up to the glacier and then enjoy a thrilling downhill bike ride- just for the amount of $50 per person which will include meals, entry as well as transport. Now in case the volcano erupts then there are bad chances of different things happening.

  1. Enjoying Around The Secluded Beach Of Ecuador
Secluded Beach - Unique Experiences In Ecuador

Those who enjoy beaches all around the year, for them Ecuador does have lots to offer. There are secluded eco-lodges, surfer party towns, or laid-back fishing villages with all of these offered by Ecuador’s coast.

Each and every beach offers something exclusive yet beautiful to enjoy. You can learn to surf in Montañita and eat fresh seafood lunches at Mompiche for less than $2. Ayampe offers a whole new different thing and you can find inner peace and solitude. The country’s coastline is home to various sandy beaches catering to different types of travelers.

Trust me there are very cheap too. There are plush hotels with fancier hostels but for a comfortable stay, there is a whole new option to try. There are various family-run guesthouses where the cost for two people is just less than $10.

  1. Visiting A Whole New Galapagos

Yes on a tight budget, you may not be able to visit Galapagos as it is pretty costly. But there is a place for you to visit which can be referred to as the poor man’s Galapagos. There you may not have the sea lions but Isla de la Plata ( Silver Island) is surely a great option for nature lovers who are on a tight budget and cannot visit Galapagos.

From Puerto Lopez, a day trip of $30 per person can help you reach the place. Or you can take a tour in Montañita for just $50. Here you can see hundreds of blue-footed boobies with a red balloon under the neck snorkeling with excellent tropical fish. Now if you are lucky, you can also spot giant turtles and in between June-September and see some whales.

  1. Biking From BAÑOS
Biking From BAÑOS - Unique Experiences In Ecuador

Now those heading for Baños with little cash to spare then there is be no shortage of options. White water rafting, rock climbing, bridge jumping with zip-lining are very few options available in Baños, Ecuador’s capital of adventure.

Now if you cannot afford these things, there are still excellent experiences which one can enjoy. Try cycling 60 km from Baños to Puyo via waterfalls, dirt tracks as well as highways right to the front door of the Amazon rainforest.

And the cost is just $9.50 each for bike rental as well as bus ride-bargain!

These experiences are exclusive in themselves which can be enjoyed without much money being spent. So if you are a nature-lover and want to enjoy some of the exclusive things in life which certainly include nature then these adventures should certainly be on your bucket list.

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