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Top Destination Tips

Top Destination Tips

Top Destination Tips

Top Destination Tips

Top Destination Tips

3 Top Destination Tips In 2020

If you have exhausted the usual holiday haunts of the southern Mediterranean and other favorites, then you may want to consider a little further afield. Here are 3 of the top destinations that are set to really take off in 2020.


Cuba - Top Destination Tips

Cuba may not be the first must-see destination on everyone’s lips but let’s not forget that it was once the playground of the rich and famous. Before 1959, Havana (the nation’s capital) used to be a party paradise. Once communism took hold, the US slapped a trade embargo, and traveling to the country was difficult. However, in the mid 1990′s Cuba began to open it’s doors to tourists, and now places like Varadero boast sprawling swathes of hotels that nestle the stunning white sands and crystal blue waters of the Hicacos Peninsula. For a change of scenery, the hustle and bustle of Havana have to be seen. It is without doubt one of the Caribbean’s most vivacious cities. Where else can you find Classic American Motors which run of Russian Lada engines, stunning colonial palaces juxtaposed with ration shops and crumbling tenements? Habaneros love their city and this is where the charm lies. Experience the glitz and glamour of a late-night cabaret show, then take a walk along the Avenida de Malecon where the waves crash over the pavement. If you’re thinking of a Cuba holiday 2020 is a perfect time.


Morocco - Top Destination Tips

Although only 19kms from the European mainland as the crow flies, Morocco is a world away. A holiday to Morocco will show you the vivid and vibrant sights, sounds smell, and tastes that this country has to offer. From the glorious beaches in the south of the country such as Essaouira, or the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains, to the hustle and bustle of Fez and Marrakesh. Get lost in the Souks or take a trip to the main market square in Marrakesh known as Jemaa el Fnaa. Here you can find snake charmers, jugglers, and a plethora of people going about their daily business. Every evening the massive food market sets up on the square and here you can sample some of the most amazing (and in some cases strangest) delights that Moroccan cuisine has to offer. When your head is spinning with the intoxicating charm of Morocco and its people, then head back your lovingly restored Riyadh, close the door and experience your own piece of tranquillity. Morocco is a fabulous place with friendly people and one which you simply have to visit.

South Africa

South Africa - Top Destination Tips

Although South Africa has had its troubles in the past, the arrival of the 2010 football world cup showed the world just how far the country has come. The country offers superb scenery, from the awe-inspiring Table Mountains to vast swathes of forests, coasts, and deserts. If it’s adventure and sport you’re into then South Africa boasts over 130 different activities, including mountain walks, shark cage diving, or if it’s thrill-seeking you’re after, why not try bungee jumping. You can also do volunteer work with monkeys and other wildlife. For those who come specifically for wildlife, you won’t be disappointed and world-class facilities such as great hotels and restaurants, vibrant cities, and great weather, complete the mix. South Africa has something for everyone and as a result, once you visit, you’ll want to return…Guaranteed!


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