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Top Go Go bars

Top Go Go bars

Top Go Go bars

Top Go Go bars

Top Go Go bars

Top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, and Thailand.

Details of  Top 5  Go Go bars.

This is a review of my top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. There are over 30 Go Go bars and beer bars in Soi Cowboy. From the fashionable, the dirty and therefore the sleazy, there’s enough to settle on from for a beer or two.

Soi Cowboy seems to get on the tourist trail lately with groups of Chinese tourists walking up and down. I suppose they need to have come from Terminal 21 over the road!

The digital nomad niche is about traveling and therefore the experiences once you travel. No trip to Bangkok is complete without seeing Soi Cowboy and therefore the Thai bar girls. there’s simply nowhere else within the world like this neon-lit and alcohol-fueled place!


Baccara - Top Go Go bars

The biggest and therefore the better of the bars in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, is Baccara. I feel 99% of individuals will agree that Baccara rules supreme. The club covers 3 floors with bars on each floor. The 2nd and 3rd levels are the simplest with see-through glass floor over the world where the women “dance”! the bottom floor is ok, but it’s a touch tame compared to other floors, I prefer the 2nd or 3rd floor to possess a beer.

If you haven’t been to Baccara before, then I’ll describe the floors. the bottom floor features a large central podium with up to 50 Thai bar girls “dancing”, there’s no topless dancing on the bottom floor. The 2nd and 3rd floors have topless “dancing” at regular intervals. The uniform looks very almost like what Thai university students would wear, white blouse, black mini skirt, and plimsolls. Sitting on a snug sofa with a beer and a cigarette in Baccara is extremely relaxing lol!

Baccara Bar Soi Cowboy isn’t cheap for drinks, 180 baht for a 330ml bottle of beer. it’s also a well known as a “Jap trap”, most of the purchasers are Japanese or Korean. Unless you’ve got wads of money the women won’t have an interest in you! I’ve never bought a drink for any of the women in Baccara. I actually just like the music the DJ plays, progressive house and admiring the view.

Crazy House

Crazy House - Top Go Go bars

My friends in Bangkok always say that Bedlam is just too sleazy. it’s sleazy needless to say, but it’s always packed once I go there and thick with cigarette smoke. the women look filthy and therefore the door men look moody, best to not cause any trouble as i feel the mafia own this place! I do find the place features a sleazy quite charm though, such as you shouldn’t go there, but you’re . I always say hello and goodbye to the doorman at this bar!

Crazy House isn’t in Soi Cowboy, this Go Go bar is simply round the corner in Soi 23. There are 2 floors, the bottom floor features a long raised podium, DJ booth at the rear and a bar. The upstairs features a few areas where the women perform “special shows”, the sleaze factor upstairs is sort of clear! I’m not into the shows with balloons, darts and neon coloured string, but the erotic “girl on girl” shows here are quite on the brink of the mark. The dancers are a mix of nude, semi nude or wearing a consistent.

I like the beer prices in Bedlam, 150 baht for a 330 ml bottle of beer or spirit mixer, the DJ plays some cracking tunes. I don’t like seeing the old fat farangs getting too touchy with the dancers, but hey, they’re getting paid. Bedlam is beginning to become a “Jap Trap”, but mingled with a mixture of sleazy farangs. This place is just about a free for all and anything goes, if you’re a prude, then don’t come here!

The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse - Top Go Go bars

The Dollhouse may be a fantastic place for an early beer, hour until 9.30pm and 90 baht for a 330 ml bottle. the sole downside is that the place features a strange kind of smell, a touch like cat’s pee! This Soi Cowboy Go Go bar never seems to urge too busy, i feel a number of the women aren’t the prettiest around either. there’s an upstairs at The Dollhouse with a couple of round podiums, you’ll smoke upstairs, but not downstairs.

The only reason I even have The Dollhouse in my top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy is for the hour cheap drinks. It’s not a sleazy place either, is that this good or bad? the women are a mix of nude, semi nude or wearing a consistent . a few of my friends like better to come here, so it’s on the bar crawl. If you don’t just like the Dollhouse, then The Lighthouse is nearby and next to The Lighthouse is Shark bar and next to Shark bar is Baccara! many choice of Go Go bars in Soi Cowboy if you get bored.



Rawhide is opposite Country Road and therefore the Five Star in Soi Cowboy. It also features a strange smell of cat’s pee once you enter, maybe the stray soi cat’s like these places! Rawhide has “special shows” a few of times during the evening, popping balloons, razor blades, neon body paint, darts flying around. a number of the women who perform the special shows are a touch on the rough side to be honest lol!

This Soi Cowboy Go Go bar is either empty or packed, there never seems to be an in-between. I do just like the cowgirl outfits that they wear during a number of the shows, not the special shows though. The Go Go girls are a mix of nude, semi nude or wearing a consistent. i feel Rawhide may be a good start line for a night with Go Go bars Soi Cowboy or possibly enter on the way back after a bar crawl, what does one think?



Tilac Go Go bar has the foremost neon lights inside and out of doors along the strip. I do like neon lights and this is often the rationale I prefer to travel to Tilac. To be honest it’s a touch tame inside Tilac, no stage dancing, but they are doing have some very pretty coyote girls dancing. Tilac is another Soi Cowboy “Jap Trap”, a touch like Rawhide it’s either packed or half full.

I do find the men’s toilet quite enjoying in Tilac, there’s an eye fixeed level window which looks onto the podiums and stage. I can’t consider many places that you simply can have a pee with such an excellent view lol! It’s definitely worth a glance within the top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy.



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