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Top 5 Tourist Places in Kupwara

Tourist Places in Kupwara

Top 5 Tourist Places in Kupwara

Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir attracts tourists with its scenic beauty. It is a good tourist destination for nature-loving tourists, here you can find glowing valleys, rivers and stunning meadows, and all kinds of native exotic wildlife. The one who is present here and plays a good role in making Kupwara a good tourist place, besides all these, Kupwara Army Camp is also situated in Kupwara, where the brave soldiers of India protect the country without any salute or thanks to these Army soldiers. Should give. Kupwara is situated at an altitude of 5300 feet above sea level, where you must travel once and today to make your journey easy and entertaining, I have brought a list of Tourist Places in Kupwara which will help you a lot in your journey.

Bangus valley

Bangus valley - Tourist Places in Kupwara

This valley is situated at an altitude of 10000 feet above sea level, which presents the ecological system in front of you. The ecosystem includes trees such as grasslands and contracted trees and taiga, because of this you get to see a good positioning combination here. And here is the vegetation at low altitude, it is an unemployed valley west of Handwara coming in the Kupwara Tehsil which is divided into two parts, in which the big valley is called Bodh Bangas and the small valley is Lokut Bangus which is the Chaukibal mountain and Samasheri mountains. The stream of Mani Sankudhari mountains originates from here and it is quite famous here.

Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley

Considered for its lush green meadows and spheroid, this valley is 9km away from Kupwara, the valley is lined for the Lalkul or Lahwal green tree path and provides a good tourist spot here with walnuts, apples, Fruits such as Chola, Cherry, and Peach, which are grown here, this valley extends for about 30 villages. This valley is spread over 25 km, which provides beautiful waterfalls and natural beauty, thus making it easy to roam in Kashmir. Is a great location.

Sibam Valley

Sibam Valley - Tourist Places in Kupwara

This valley is a great place for adventure and picnic, this valley is covered with lush green forests and snow-capped mountains, which presents the picturesque beauty of nature to the tourists. You can go for an adventure like climbing, besides having a picnic here with your family and friends. A great place for tourists to spend a quiet and relaxing moment amidst nature.


It is a beautiful tourist destination which is included in the villages under the Lolab Valley, this place is a good place for nature lovers and trekkers, where tourists come to see the magnificent views of the Himalayas and the natural beauty, besides many adventure activities. Just like trekking and mountain biking, a large number of people reach here and the beautiful and attractive views here also attract tourists, if you want to see the cultural diversity, then there is a village 5 km away from here. Duruswamy is a great tourist destination that you must visit once.

Saturn Kalaroos

Lallab Valley

Lallab Valley is within 25 villages within a radius of 25 km, near Mandgaon, Kalla Ross, where you will see the ancient architecture, here there are ancient caves where pictures can be seen in ancient times and by many people and experts. It is said that these caves on Sataran Peeth open near Russia in Central and North Asia, thus you will get to see the vastness and natural features of Lolab Valley here. Apart from this, you can visit the nearby Sadhana Sadhana viewpoint where you will get to see the legend of blind and def fairies.

The Conclusion For Tourist Places in Kupwara Kupwara is a great place for all the tourists who have a keen interest in adventure and nature, here one can see many types of natural beauty and variations. Here you will see humans, animals, vegetation and all the biodiversity which together offer a great view for the tourists, here I have told you Tourist Places in Kupwara where you must go once.

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